February 12th, 2009


Lolita Interiors (in Japan)

Since there have been a few posts about Lolita bedrooms, I thought I'd post a few pictures from a magazine I just happened to have picked up recently. It's some kind of one-off from CUTiE magazine and it has several Lolita bedrooms featured. Personally I think they're a little OTT, but it's still interesting to get a look inside real Japanese bedrooms.

I must apologise in advance for the quality of the pictures. I do not have a scanner, so these are snaps of the magazine spreads taken with a handheld camera.

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Kamijo dork

Help needed with Baby reservation

This is the first time I order and reserve items from Baby site, and I need extra help after searching old posts. I am going to reserve the Blooming Snow white JSK, but I am also trying to reserve Merry Sweet Castle hair bow in pink, which showed as sold out when I tried to put in the shopping cart after the JSK. Here I am trying to have a total amount over 25000yen so that I can get the free cell phone strip. Should I email Baby for ordering the hair bow and reserve the JSK with shopping cart, or do I reserve both item through mail order so that they will consider me buying over 25000yen? Thanks for help in advance.
  • arktoi

Art post!

Here is a drawing for you! I dug this up in one of my old sketchbooks, and decided to scan and color it during my ridiculously long break between classes.

I hate the color yellow, yet somehow I always end up using it in pictures...

Anyway, here you go!

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  • kaachan

gothic and lolita bible

hey, i just bought the gothic and lolita bible vol 29. and i was wanted to make some of the clothes they give the patterns for but my japanese isn't that great (darn those kanjis), anyone know where to find tranlastions, tutorials, or anything that would give a clue as to what i'm doing T___T
any help would but greatly appreciated ^____^ thanks