February 11th, 2009

name that jumper o:.

so i finally got around to organizing my stock photos, i'm working on baby, the stars shine bright right now but some of the older ones are unnamed, if you know the names of any of the products under the cut, please let me know. thank you c:.
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move it

Yes another RHS question

I'm thinking of investing in a pair of rocking horse shoes (who isn't right?). There's one issue where I'm a size 5/5.5 US.

Is there any (decent) brands that make shoes that small?

*Note: I've checked Double Decker, and Yosuke (on Maruione), and Little Chili Lolita Shop on ebay (they have the size, but not sure if I would want to buy from them)
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AP toy parade

Quick question!

Does anyone have an up close pic of Angelic Pretty's toy parade print? Specifically the rocking horse thats in the print? I found a cheap little rocking horse and I'm painting it to look just like the one in the toy parade print, but the only picture I have to go off of is very small. If anyone could help me out that would be awesome! Thanks in advance!

Sizing Guides: Womens Shoes and Clothes. (minor edit)

I've been working on a website for quite a while, (a personal endeavour) which is aimed at being a resource for all things lolita such as guides about sizing and currency, information on how to order for certain brands and other things that are useful for everyone to know, with the working title "Hitch Hikers Guide to Gothic Lolita".

Kind of like a website purely for things worth of EGL memories. Obviously reviews will be omitted as there is a database for reviews.

The website is far from complete but one thing i got finished early was shoe and clothes sizing guides. As I noticed a lot of questions about shoe sizes i thought it would be good to post the guides up here.

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Kansas City Lolitas?

I was just wondering if there's any loitas in the Kansas City, MO area? I'm probably going out to look at UMKC for grad school in a few weeks and was wondering if there are any lolitas in the area, or even that go to UMKC? I tried a quick search but it didn't bring up much ):



Due to stress and such, I've been having some crazy dreams lately, and one in particular (the one I had last night, actually...) had to do with Lolita!

So long story short, what is your craziest dream (or nightmare?) which involved Lolita?
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Dear Beginner Lolitas,

You know what, I just want to say you guys are awesome.

You've seen something you want to be a part of and you've dived right in. Maybe you've been a bit overzealous, maybe your first outfit isn't "perfect", but hey neither was mine. We all started out somewhere, and most of us didn't get it perfect right off the bat. Maybe you've had some harsh words thrown your way, and maybe you've been a bit too sensitive to criticism- we're all human, we're not perfect all of the time. But we've learned and grown as lolitas and if you like lolita enough to stick with it, you can grow into great lolitas too. One day maybe you'll be the "big sisters" helping the new kids find their feet in the fashion. How sad would it be if, as people got older and tired of the fashion, lolita just died out? You're the future of lolita!

I won't claim to speak for anyone else, but I do feel grateful that you're here. So thank you for having the guts to try something new and different. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm with us, even if we are a bit jaded sometimes. Thank you for keeping this fashion going. Don't give up because I, for one, am cheering for you, and watching you grow better post by post.

An older lolita
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Anyone place an order with http://www.gotopunk.com/ ?

Just curious, as I placed an order on Jan 25th and haven't gotten anything other than an automated confirmation of my order. No shipping notice, nothing, and I've sent two emails and haven't gotten replies yet.

I mean, this is all clearly sending up red flags. I'm just curious as to any other customers out there. Odds are I'll just open a case with Paypal but I figured asking around wouldn't hurt. I just want my shoes, yo.
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Summer coats

I dont think this needs to be under a cut because its just a simple and short question
Are there any lolita coats for the spring/summer? and which brand released them ^.^ I would like to see some examples


a lolita name?

hello egl members! (and if this isn't allowed i'm sorry, please delete.)

my mom was talking to me about my last name, since i have a step dad, and i can change it. but she also said i could change my first name! i was wondering, are there any loliable/cute names that you think absolutely scream, "lolita!" or at least seem elegant or beautiful? i know the basics, victoria, elizabeth. things like that. but maybe something that you personally like? i'd prefer something not japanese. my mom doesn't really like the japanese. heh heh...

here are some pictures of me, so that the name won't seem totally weird compared to what i look like.


i know they're kind of all over the place but the one in red and white was today. lol and the one with my hair curled is a couple weeks ago. and the one with short teased hair is a year ago.

thank you for all your help! ^-^
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Jane Marple Photobooks and Miscellaneous Photos

A BIG THANK YOU to xninchu who kindly received the items for me. She went beyond what was originally asked of her, made sure all the requirements were met and kept in constant communication with me. Thank you so much; without you JM wouldn't be here!

I have started keeping track of Jane Marple items in a Photobucket album.

Photoshoot for Across The Universe Exhibition I is here

Across The Universe Exhibition I is here

There is no Photo Book for Exhibition II as they did not want to send it to me, but photos of acquired items are here.

Photos of the exhibition at the atelier are here

Love is...The SS 09 Exhibition 1 Photobooks for JM is here and DLS here.