February 9th, 2009


The Aquabats - Fashion Zombies

I thought egl would enjoy some satire/parody about our ridiculousness as much as I do XD They even mention goths and graveyards! Not meant to be taken seriously, as it's just The Aquabats. If you want more, Youtube Super Rad for more hilarity. I don't mind being a fashion zombie as long as I think I look fabulous, lol! When you dress like we do, it's good not to take ourselves too seriously, am I right?

In any case, I think the best defense against people who level claims like "You all look the same!" is to laugh it off. Every fashion statement applies to that generality. It's something that I hear a lot from people, and my usual response is, "Annnd that's different from any other fashion how?".
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Hair and Bonnets?

Hey, girls. I checked the memories, but to no avail.

I just got my first bonnet,. well, half bonnet (Eeeh! So excited! :D ) and I'm unsure how I should do my hair with it. I realise down curled hair is perferrable, but I wanted to see some bonnet hairs styles with maybe up done hair or pigtails? 

Any help is appreciated! :D

Ordering from Black Alice?

After about 45 minutes of intense web browsing (including the EGL comm search), I couldn't find answers to my questions so I'm posting it here:

Is it possible for international customers to order from Black Alice?  And if it is, can I please get some instructions on how to do so and some feedback on them?


Colorful drop JSK measurements

Hi there,
I'm wondering what the measurements for the colorful drop JSK by AP are?
I fit into many of their JSKs with partial shirring on the back, but some have fixed waists, and those don't fit me at all.

Could some one give me the minimum and maximum measurements for this JSK?

Thank you

RHS in Hong kong : O ?

I'm going to Hong Kong next month [yay!] but since I'm not allowed to pack my RHS i was thinking about getting some there, and a friend of mine wants a pair as well. 

I was looking at this post http://community.livejournal.com/egl/9567750.html [first comment] and was wondering if that shop still exists and if they do, do they still sell RHS ? I thought this would be a clever way to go about it, cause then I wouldn't have to pay for shipping...

 - apparently I'm slow and can't figure out how to make the URL clickable.-

any help at all is greatly appreciated!~