February 8th, 2009

picture beg

I was wondering if anyone had pictures of the inside of second hand lolita stores (clothing child, etc). I'm just wondering what kind of stock they carry (especially if it's different than their online stores). It will really help me decide if I should plan on spending more time at the boutiques or at the resale stores. I'm planning a trip to Japan in march and is also wondering if there are usually sales around the middle of March. Thanks everyone!
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after 2 years ...

So I haven't worn Loli in about 2 years. Recently I've done some planning for a local Loli themed Dollfie meet-up so i've been looking through my closet to see if i still have something appropriate. Most of the stuff I still have is more EGA or Pirate-loli. I did dig up one outfit and here it is (chubby-chan warning): Collapse )
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hey everyone, new member here... anyways... i need some advice
this june i'm going to my school prom
so i was thinking of wearing a lolita dress for the event
well since prom dresses are pretty expensive and i'd probably wear it once
i might as well buy something that i can wear all the time
my mom usually disagree on online shopping but i've finally convinced her
this will be my first lolita dress TT w TT
so my question is.... what kind of lolita dress will be fit for prom?

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Lolita Interiors

Hi Everyone ^___^,
I've been wearing lolita for about 7 years now. As I've progressed through the fashion, my interests have shifted more and more from lolita clothing to other facets of the "lolita lifestyle" so to speak. I'm not sure I believe in a "loli lifestyle" per say, but Lately I've been very interested in the concept of "Lolita interiors". I wanted to share photos of my personal "sweet lolita space" (my sewing room I've been working on), and pose a question for everyone. What would you constitute as your "lolita space", if you have one? Is it just the closet where you keep all of your lovely lolita clothing? an area in your home? A locker? or something else entirely? What is your inspiration for your space? A brand shop, vintage cottage, victiorian parlour etc?

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I want to draw you all for free!

I saw a post for this a little while back, and thought it was an awesome idea!(sorry for copying) I got a tablet and photoshop and haven't even used it. This would really help to inspire me, as well as be a nice active member of the lolita community! Just send/post link or pic (you do want it to look like you right?). I will probably do around 10 people that I like, and post them as an art post later.^_^
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Shopping Services List - Updated 9-14-2009

Hi all,

I'm trying to compile a comprehensive list of shopping services to be added to the EGL memories, and was wondering if all you lovely ladies (and gents) can help me out. Here is what I have compiled so far. If you know more, please help me add to the list! I will update it with the information you provide. Any help appreciated!

Last Updated: 2/13/2009
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