February 7th, 2009

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for the ones who like hime: Bumpits scammers?

Hi there a couple of weeks ago I've orderd them from www.bighappiehair.com / www.bumpits.com  but I never got them :s
I've email them asking if they shipped my items but never got a reply, I filed a claim with paypal and they still didn't replyed me,
now I have upgraded the claim, I hope I get my money back.. or still get the items..
When I orderd I got a link to the status of my order, but that page is blank.

I am wondering if this happend befor??
Are there also people who did got the items?

Untill this is fixed I suggest not to order from them, since it could be that they started to scamm buyers :s
I should have just bought them from Ebay wich is a lot saver!

EDIT: They finally replyed and say I should get my items comming week.
Lets hope this is true.

A question to all Lolitas living in Spain, near to Calella! :D

Hello @ all. :D

(I'm not sure if this is allowed, please delete this post if not. ^^")

I'm a Lolita living in Germany, and soon I'll have a classtrip to Spain. (From 16th to 21th March)
So I'd like to ask the Lolitas in Spain, if there is something a Lolita shouldn't miss if she gets the chance to visit Calella and the area around it.. :D  Is there a shop, a place or something else you could recomend to me?

And another question ist just comming into my mind;
Would somebody be interested into a photoshooting?

I'm a also hobby-photographer, and I would love to take some pictures from spain lolitas! ^_^
You can take a look on my previous work at my homepage: (I'm sorry for all the adds there. ;_;)

Daydreamer's Art

Of course I would take the photos for free, and you'd get a copy of it.

Unfortunatly I can't say exactly when we'll have free time during our class trip, because I don't know when we'll do what excursion.
But if somebody is interested in meeting me and taking some pictures, please let me know, and I'll talk about the details with you later.

Have a nice day & take care,

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Offbrand shoe and accessory finds

I'm currently sick and bedridden with a sinus infection (yuck!), so I can't really do much besides muck about on the internets.

Thus, I thought I'd put my mucking and internet-shopping-fu to good use and share some adorable offbrand finds with you guys. These are just some things I happened to find that I thought would coordinate well with lolita. I hope you like them!

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Harvey- farscape

Picture Request

I'm hosting a Lolita panel at this up coming Megacon. I need pictures for the slide show, but instead of pilfering them from the GLB I would much rather have examples of real girls that are into the scene. I would truly appreciate being able to show a sampling of the creativity and beautiful coordinates and people that are out there.

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