February 6th, 2009

In my room

Maybe about a week back a mod posted that we should try to post more interesting questions than dress picture requestes, and since i was a guilty one of posting a semi reques here is my question XD 

What does your room look like? i put a a little form under the cut 

mods delete if not allowed.

warning 1large picture the rest small to medium

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Closet-Child Cart system - ANSWERED THANK YOU

 Hello ladies,

sorry if this has been asked before (yes, the usual ha ha ha). I used the Search EGL function but the posts it lead me to that were the closest to what I'm looking for seem a bit outdated so yes, here I am, begging for your help again. I'm sure this has happened to you girls. You know, when you send an email to Closet-Child in order to buy something like they tell us to do, foreigners? Well I sent them my email to reserve a JSK and a scarf. One hour later, the JSK is sold out...I hate this, it just ruined my day. So I would like to ask you, is it possible to use the cart system rather than the email one? Have anyone tried?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Answered, thank you!
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2 Questions

1. How long has Angelic Pretty's "Dream Doll" line been out? I usually don't watch them, but I'm lovin' the Dream Doll JSK in red. I'd like to save up for it, but I don't want to miss my chance.

2. I bought this Innocent World JSK, in purple/maroon. The detatchable back bow doesn't fit when I wear it. I'd like to do something with this matching bow. My first thought was to make a headbow, but I'm not really into that kind of thing. Here's a pic of the bow by itself:
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Anyone have ideas on good ways to use detatchable bows (besides their original intention)?
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It seems a new lolita shop has popped up on the internet.


Their blouses and skirts are pretty nice, and look well made in the pictures. I did an egl search on them and the only thing that came up was a post about them handing out cards at an anime convention and not having their website up yet. They have it up now, and there hasn't been any information on it, so I figured I'd post.

I doubt it, but, has anyone ordered from them? A friend of mine wants to order a blouse but doesn't know if they actually come looking like they do in the photographs.
Angelic Pretty jworld_graphics

Picture/Scan request

I read this the blog of Qutieland[secret shop shoes]

"Did you read March 2009 Vol.127 Kera Magazine? When you look at page 028 and 029, did you attracted by the models' shoes? Do you want one pairs for yourself as well?"

Does anyone have that scan for me? or is willing to scan it for me?

angelic pretty, red, lolita

Loli Wigs in the EU

I've been thinking about investing in a wig. My hair is too short right now and I want big curly pony tails.

Can anyone give me a website that sells loli wigs/extensions? It needs to be a with the Euro zone because I have no paypal and I can only pay in Euros

Sorry for bothering you with this!
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Looking for cute lingerie

Hello! This isn't directly related to lolita, so I understand if this post will be deleted.

The reason I'm posting here is because I'm looking for something lolita/cute-inspired, so I think lolitas here would be able to help me.

What I'm looking for is "cute" lingerie and/or sleepwear. Not sexy, not all that revealing, but CUTE. I'm basically looking for something hard to find because the general idea of sexy is...not cute. So, I'm looking for things that could be described as: ruffly, cute, adorable, innocent/youthful, feminine (but not too much pink), etc.

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Kimi ni Chikau yo

Lolita Model Store

I've never seen this done before so I'm not too sure if this is allow. This was made a year ago when I took a Marketing course and it requires us to build a model of a store, any kind of store. At first, my partner and I were going to build a make-up store to contribute to the research essay paper that we wrote way before this assignment. But I told her that I wanted to make a Lolita store and she agreed! (Though she's not a big fan of it) Anyway, the model is sort of falling apart since I took the picture only recently. I didn't keep the model because both my partner and I couldn't agree on who would keep the model so we decided to give it to our teacher. The printed pictures attached to the model do not belong to my partner nor myself, they are merely there to look colourful and pretty in order to not look plain. This is a corner store.

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