February 3rd, 2009

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My lolita quilt is finally complete!

Alright, so a loooong time ago, September 2008 to be exact, I made a post on egl about a lolita quilt I intended to make for my clothing technology class at college (thanks for your ideas and inspiration, by the way!)

Since then, I ran out of time to submit my quilt to class, used a few panels from this project to make a smaller quilt which was enough to gain NCEA qualifications, and then continued working on my larger project at home during the Christmas break.
And as of a week ago, my quilt is finally complete! The concept of a quilt sounds rather simple - just lots of patches sewn together. However, it is a very time consuming process, in particular the appliques.

Despite not being as punctual as I would have liked in having the quilt completed, I still managed to finish it in time to bring it with me to university for my very first semester - which was my main goal after all.

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Latest creation and a quandry

My lolita inspired outfits are all things I have made myself. I have so enjoyed the photos here, that it seems time to share something of mine! I am tall, full figured, and run a sewing business (yosa.com). I visited Japan when I was 13, and already I was too tall for the clothes I tried on while I was there!

This is out of my normal color range, but the combo of handwriting and music notation was too much to resist. The question remains though, if I sell it, or keep it for myself. I LOVE how full it is and the swoosh. The skirt is built in three panels, with the front two panels set to be gathered up with ribbons to show an under petticoat. There are grommets hidden under the lighter ruffle and ribbons set into the seams. Wheee! I am very please with the result!

Pictures behind the cut:
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Also, I have been looking on ebay for petticoats to deconstruct, and for supplies. My best search so far is for square dance clothes. The trick for me is to keep the thing that I am sewing away from looking like square dance clothes- which are familiar to people here in Kansas.
Any tips to share?

It is clothes like this that are square dance, but seemingly lolita too:


and other things in this search:

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So this is WAY overdue but...

I was down at FL-Disney World , EPCOT  during the first week of January.
I was on vacation with 2 of my friends and I was walking by the Chinese pavilion, I saw LOLI GIRLS!!
So I started to talk to them and I ended up taking a picture!!

You guys were awesome!! It made me wish I had my Loli stuff!!!

Picture request/question

I know you all hate picture request, but oh well, i think i will just ask ^^'
I often look at the website from closet child, and i really like the emily temple cute dresses, milk and jane marple dresses.
When i looked at the flickr lolita stock photo group, i couldn't find any stock photo's from these brands.
Does anyone know is there's some sort of a stock photo website/group where i can find pictures of the dresses?
If would really like to see pictures ^^
I hope some of you can help me =3

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Accessories are always fun...

Hello ladies! I found this site while browsing the web, while I don't like most of what's on here I thought that some of the pins Here were pretty cute and I thought I'd share. Some of their Other Jewelry is pretty cute too. I'm a pretty big fan of the Queen of Hearts necklace myself and the crystal strawberries too! ^_^

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Twinkle tartan bag?

Does anyone know exactly how this bag is attached to the skirt? I think it's a D-ring but I'm making something similar and need a nice neat way for the bag to be both attached and detached without the skirt looking weird in the detached-mode. Bonus points for pictures of the respective fasteners. Many thanks n__n