February 2nd, 2009

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Solution to Bodylines DESIGN CONTEST

Just a quick post, but for those of you who were stumped, hotmail e-mail addresses don't work for the bodyline design contest. I tried mine a thousand times and then stuck my g-mail one in there instead, and it works fine.

: ) lol, I know I was confused, so there you have it. happy designing!

Reminder post for NYC meet: 2/7/09

If you haven't RSVP'd yet, please let me know soon, latest Friday. Please do not suddenly drop out on Saturday morning whether or not you notify me. It makes things less difficult. ♥

Weather on Saturday is supposed to be partly cloudy and unusually warm, make sure you dress according to the forecast. Also be sure you check closer to date just in case you might end up needing to bring an umbrella with you.

(Fake cut to Original Post)

Hope to see you then!
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DIY commutity!

Hello everyone!

I recently started this community called  diy_jp , It's dedicated to the creative aspects of the Japanese culture, and self-made items in particular. This community is open for everyone to join who is interested in showing off creations, selling/buying them, or maybe just to admire them ^^
I've seen beautiful works by lolitas such as self made clothes, art, jewelry, and other accessories. So I was thinking that some of you might feel like posting these outside the lolita communities and/or post other creative works inspired by the Japanese culture.
For example  other Japanese fashion inspired clothes, fan-art, cute phone-straps, cosplay, anime plushies, nail-art, origami/amigurumi, or whatever you can think of, related to / inspired by Japan. Feel free to join and post! ^^

I got permission from missmeganmaude to promote my community here ^^  (Thanks again!)
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Bodyline Measurements Confuzzle Me

Theres a dress I want from Bodyline and I'm like seconds away from ordering it. Problem is.... I'm a ditz and can't seem to understand something.

These are the measurements.

Length 80.3cm
Sleeve length 57cm
Shoulder length 48cm
Waist 58-94
Bust 98cm
Skirt length 52cm
length 84cm
waist 58-70cm

My problem is that there are two waist and length measurements. I don't get it. Can someone explain it? I've ordered from a few sites before but this is my first time ordering from bodyline...

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Lolita Meet-Up Calendar - February Events

Hello! As per folks being ok with it in my original post, here is the monthly update on the Lolita Meet-Up Calendar I'm running. So far we have February meet-ups listed for:

New York City
San Antonio

You can find out more about these events by visiting the calendar, or submit one of your own for February or later.

I don't automatically add any meet-ups without permission from the organizer, so if you'd like to submit a meet-up, please message or mail me with the date, location (city, state/province and country), type of meet-up, contact/organizer (LJ name or email) and any extra notes (ticket prices, RSVPs, etc.) Thanks! :)