January 31st, 2009

Victorian Lily

Seeking advice

Hello everyone! ♥

I've recently joined this community at the suggestion of missmeganmaude. I posed a question to her regarding a new online boutique I've opened up, and per her suggestion, I'd like to pose the question to the egl community.

I've opened up Victorian Lily, an online boutique that offers handmade bath and body products to the lolita community. Being a lolita myself for quite a few years, I've noticed that the community has many options in terms of clothing and accessories, but I've always wanted to take my lolita image further with products for my home that would compliment the image. I also believe there are many lolitas out there, such as myself, that prefer it be a lifestyle, rather than a hobby.

I would like to ask the community for feedback. Are there any products that you would like to see in the store? Are there any items you believe should not be in the store? Does the store, as well as the products, fit the lolita image, as I was hoping for?

Right now there are only a few bath items on the website, but I am currently in the process of creating more, and even adding such authentic victorian bath items such as Rosewater and Glycerin skin softener. I would appreciate your thoughts on what products would be appropriate.

If you could offer me some feedback on how I can tailor my store to meet the lolita image and needs, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you! ♥
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Angelic pretty tiny star

Has anyone else noticed how flimsy AP's tiny star necklace and bracelet are? I snagged the bracelet chain on my stockings while putting on my boots and it just snapped apart. And then I went out dancing with the necklace just now and before I knew it the chain had broken on that as well and the necklace was dangling down into my fringe bikini! One of the star charms had popped clear off and somehow I actually found it down on the floor which was pretty good luck if you ask me.
Has anyone else's tiny star jewelry fallen apart? It seems like the connector rings (for lack of a better name) are especially flimsy. I can bend them easy with my fingers.
Is all AP beaded/chain jewelry this breakable?
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Bonjour everyone! I have been a lurker this community for about a year and several months, maybe even longer, but I have finally decided to post something. A few months ago my friend Sarah made some Happy Berry (Paradise Kiss) jewelry and asked if I would model for her in Lolita...I didn't refuse :) sorry some are not too big :(

Her Deviantart: http://sesame-cracker.deviantart.com/
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Picture request: outfit shots

Basically, I want some nice, clear outfit shots with your permission to use them.

There's a lolita petition on Gaia that I've been helping around for a while, and they're now taking my suggestions to edit the first post to make it better. I offered to get them some nice photographs of full lolita outfits to replace the MANA MANA MANA in their "Real life examples" section.

I think I'd like about six, something sweet, something gothic, something punk, something classic, something over the top, and something sailor.
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A fun photo shoot!

IMGP6505 copy

I just wanted to share a recent photo session that I had with fashion designers Samantha Rei of Blasphmemina's Closet, Megan Bishop of Apatico, Heather Luca of Scoundrelle's Keep and makeup artist Lucinda Connaker. I'm really proud of how many of them turned out, and these ladies were lots of fun to work with. I've had several people suggest that I should share the images with this community so here they are!

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Parasol shipping

I have discovered my dream item (a white parasol with gold crown on it from Meta), but I'm afraid of shipping. Meta's website says it should be $28 to ship, but I remember reading that parasols usually have a very high shipping price. I know quite a few of you have parasols, hopefully some of you ordered from meta.Is the shipping higher than $28?
Edit: okay, thats cleared. Now how waterproof are they, they're advertised as umbrellas. And it randomly rains where I live