January 29th, 2009



I checked the memories and it seems like there are quite a few current JETs on here... but I was wondering how many Lolitas are currently going through the application process? And if you've gotten an interview?

How many of you talked about Lolita fashion in your SOP? Was it a big part or downplayed at all? (Since there are tons of rumors going around about how you shouldn't be *too* into Japanese culture)
If you did mention Lolita in your app, what will you say if they ask you about it at your interview?

And if any current JET Lolitas have any advice, that would be great too!

[Please let me know if this is too OT/not allowed/already discussed]

EDIT: I realized I didn't really put in my two cents about the whole thing while reading everyone else's great comments.
I didn't mention Lolita is my SoP, but I did mention fashion since it relates to my college background. I phrased in a very positive way and talked about how Japan is in the forefront of fashion and that becoming a JET would be a great step toward my future goals in ways other than just teaching. My interest in art/fashion is what led me to become interested in culture since they are closely related.. and then from there I became interested in the Japanese language (which I studied for two and half years). My interest in fashion is also related to some of my teaching experience that I mentioned (so that was another reason I gave info on my 'hobbies'). I think I kind of sold myself more as an "artist" (that's technically what I'm trained as) rather than someone who is like OMG FASHION.

Silly Bodyline Question...

I used the search function, but, honestly, I don't think anybody else has ever had a stupid moment like I'm having.
I'm playing with the international Bodyline site, and I've found a lot of things I like (I'm currently poking at the skirts and jsk's)

Anyway, so under waist measurements, it says: Waist (2'0")24.41-(2'4")28.35in

So do I follow the last number (28.35 in) or the middle (24.41)?
My waist ranges from 25-26.5, normally... How real are their measurements normally? Should I be safe and order an inch bigger?

Thank you. Oh, and if this question is too stupid, please feel free to delete. *embarrassed flush*

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Hello! Im kinda new at sewing lolita (this is not a question about sewing, so much) and I was wondering how appropriate boat necklines are for lolita.

I decided it was easier for me to sew things I can already  know how and things that I could probably wear outside of lolita, too!

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how-to community

hi hi!
I've been interested in lolita style for a while, but unfortunately do not have any outfits yet.
I want to try making some outfits soon. I do know how to sew, but I've been having trouble finding any patterns with any lolita-ish themes that I can use to base my design off of.

This led to me playing around with the idea of making a how-to community for posting lolita patterns and tutorials and such.
This can range from pattern scans, to tutorials from how to curl hair to making a headdress.

Would anyone be interested? I don't know of any community that has this already, but I maybe wrong.
Thank You!
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margot reading

nude size?

I searched for this and couldn't find anything. I was looking at this Victorian Maiden blouse. The measurements say bust 89, waist 78, and then mentions something called the "nude size" in reference to the shoulder width measurement. Does anyone know what this means?

San Diego Lolitas

Hi I have been watching this community and going through the master list of others and through the LJ list of others and having come across the San Diego loli's page (which is asleep now) and wanted to know if there are any Lolitas in San Diego?
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Im new and I have a Double Decker Problem

Im new to lolita but i did order shoes from Double Decker and they came in and I love them but they are way to small. I looked all over the site but i cant find what their return policy is and if i could return these shoes for a bigger size. I know that a lot of people hear have dealt with Double Decker and i was hoping someone could help me out. Please I dont want to have to order another pair of shoes. Thanks so much
shop much?

Lolita Poupee Online Friending Session!

So it's been a while since there was a "let's make friends" post on EGL. Since the last one was posted, more members have joined, and more lolitas surfaced on poupee girl

If you do not know what poupee girl is- it's a website started in Japan based around uploading clothes and accessories you own to gain ribbons (currency) and clothes accessories for a poupee girl doll that lives on your MYHOME page! It's basically like an online paper doll!
If you would like to join, pm me your email and I'll send you an invite!
Site: http://pupe.ameba.jp/
More info: http://community.livejournal.com/poupee_girl/

For those who are already on poupee girl, post your profile links and names! That way we can find new lolitas (or old ones!) and friend them on poupee girl- the more friends the merrier!

Here's mine:

Post away!

-approved by carnet_atelier 
Shoes and blue bird

Lolita Stock Photo Database?

Edit: talia_speaks appears to have a much better solution, in the form of a Wordpress gallery connected with the loligoth database. According to her: "you can make it entirely organized by brand, down to skirts, jsks, accessories, etc. And you can set permissions on who can add to the galleries and whatnot." I'm leaving this post here just in case people have other suggestions or questions on this topic.

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Victoria Martina

Hello everyone!!

I'm currently working on a class project that requires me to choose a product and do a little marketing research, and I'm of course interested in choosing a popular lolita product!

So I'd like to ask everyone in the community what exactly is on their current must have lists: specific clothing, shoes, accessory be it something that's rare and sold out or even fresh to the market. Please post up pictures and links if possible~ :-)

Any help is greatly appreciated<333 thank you!!
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Two free commissions

have a lot more free time this weekend than I thought I would, so I'm offering two free digital commission slots to egl~
I haven't drawn much lolita stuff besides designing outfits so far, so I need practice, plus some examples for the future.

anyway, first come first served!
please provide reference as well :)

1. pictishlass
2. alanna_lioness
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TaoBao Store List + Shopping Service info

It's official, we WILL be doing a TaoBao shopping service. Fei has now left for china for two weeks, when she comes back a final update will be made and then the service will begin shortly after. I have compiled a list of some Lolita stores + gyaru stores on TaoBao, I will only list the Lolita stores here but for the full list, plus exclusive updates and information on how to more better search through TaoBao please add mashimaro_girl.Updates will be made most frequently when Fei returns, but now for the Lolita Shops on TaoBao + a bonus example page from Secret Shop on what means what!
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Trying to find a dress...

Hi, This is probably a very long shot. I saw a dress that I liked on the baby the stars shine bright website a long time ago, it was a black velveteen OP with drop waist and high neck and long sleeves... it came in other colors too. Ive seen it sold on closet child, but i have no stock photo or name of the dress. I was wondering if anyone remembers this dress, since its a fairly distinctive design? Obviously I want it too, but its probably so old no one even remembers it!

Thanks anyway,

Two devils

I want to draw you... all of you... for free. O.o

How could this be!?  She wants to draw us for free!?  HOLY WIBBLES! 

I have the biggest urge to draw as many lolita chibis as I can and in order to do that I need people.  So here is how it works... if you would like me to draw you as a chibi, post a photo of yourself in your favorite lolita outfit... link to it or email me at Saramoon@cfl.rr.com with your LJ name and I shall draw you.  :D 

Why am I doing this?  I'm bored and I'd like to draw lots of chibis right now, but ONLY LOLITA chibi's

I shall post it as I fill a sheet of paper... if that happens.  ^.^ 

EDIT:  Is there some sort of deadline for this?  Umm... no not really.  I'll probably stop in a week or so... or when I get bored and don't feel like it anymore.

UPDATE:  I have drawn...19 chibis!  All the way up to tian_shi at the moment.  I am debating taking a break.  I will post what I finish tonight, tomorrow when I can scan something at the family computer and not wake up the entire house.  XD  Anyone who said they would post their pic later, please just make another reply so I don't miss you.  XD  ^.^ 

Thank you everyone!

UPDATE 2:  Ok... I am done for tonight.  It's 2AM and I'm gonna fall over.  I have 25 chibi's done including the four in my email.

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