January 28th, 2009

bride of frankenstein

Questions about a Bodyline product

So, whilst browsing around Bodyline's website, I found this dress that I really, really like. Well, as much as I like the purple tartan punky sailorness of this dress, there some parts of it that I really DONT like, too. Mainly, the tail. Does anyone know if this thing is removable? I may dress like a freak, but Im not going to go THAT far. No tail for me, thank you. Id like to know if this is two separate pieces (blouse and skirt) or if its one piece, too. Also, if anyone has any picture of this outfit used in a NONitatastic coordinate, that'd be just swell, too. I know its a really costumey piece, but I think it has SOME potential.Thanks!


I put in a commission with [info]cruxcommissa on the 4th for a Moi Meme Moitie Replica OP and we talked for like 3 days then I got no more responses.
I sent an email on the 11th and then another on the 25th
I was just wondering if anyone has heard from him?

thank you

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Fabric question

I have looked through the search funcion, but I'm wondering if anyone knows any good internet fabric suppliers with reasonable prices (I have a household to run as well as my passions to fuel).
If possible ones base din the UK, or those that can offer a good price on international shipping.

Thank you very much in advance.

editIdeally I'm looking for somewhere that could supply wool cloth, possibly in pale blue? I'm looking to make a coat!

helped, thanks :]

I used the search engine but couldn't find anything specifically answering my question, so if anyone has experience with bodyline clothes, I'd appreciate it!

I never thought that I would be considered "busty" but, most of the blouses I'm looking at say they fit a 86cm bust, which converts to about 33 inches according to this online converter...and I'm like 36inches. I'm contemplating just getting one and hoping it'll fit but that's quite a few inches off. Do you think there's any hope for me? I'm like an inch or two too big for the measurements on the skirts, but that's probably not as difficult to deal with as a shirt bc I'm worried about popping buttons and such.
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UK Isle of Man Meetup?


Are there any Lolis on the Isle of Man?  I'm working on the Island for the next 6 weeks.  I thought I'd do a shout-out just incase there was anyone marooned all on their lonesome, desperate to meet up, drink tea and talk frills.

So speak now or forever hold your peace!

(For those interested the Isle of Man is a small speck of green that is a 3-4hr ferry trip from the UK mainland)

Headdress Advice Needed

I am a new Lolita and therefore don't really have many wardrobe pieces yet, so I don't have as great of a sense of what coordinates well with what. Therefore it seems only fitting I should ask this community for help.

I bought what the cosmates calls the "Alice Check" dress (black and white) by Bodyline, and I am at a loss for what style of a headdress would look the best with it.
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