January 27th, 2009

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Link for ideas?

I know people probably get many ideas, but I discoveed this lovely site. They offer a lot of items, including accessories that are replicas of the period that would look nice with a Loli, especially an Aristrocrat, outfit.
Also the dresses might help those making their own with some further ideas for style


I really love their Lacy Tie-up Ankle Boots and Twill Fan Skirt

Vintage Finds

Hello! I know there have been posts about vintage things being used in Lolita before, but I wanted to share some other examples.
On places like Ebay and Etsy, you can find a TON of things that will look great with your outfits!
I think purses and accessories are the best, but you can often find some really great clothes.
Being more of a gothic or classic style, you will benifit the most.
The best part about vintage, is that you can often find it rather cheap! (like, a 12 dollar leather bag)
So here are a few things I thought were really Lolita-able vintage!
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ATTN: Lost Mai Package

I recieved a package today from Mai that wasn't mine and I'm hoping it belongs to somebody on the comm.
There's a total of 8 items
If you think this belongs to you, please email me at feydragon [at] gmail.com

Also if somebody has my package please tell me! ; A ;
includes: Moitie, Baby, socks, boots, and a donut maker 
Thank you!

edit: Mai asked me to ship it back to her :x
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Awesome home decor website I found

I've been working on redecorating my bedroom for the past couple of weeks, and I've been searching around for ideas online. I stumbled across this really cool website! Some of the things are perfect for a lolita styled bedroom! The prices are high, but they have some gorgeous things that have helped inspire my project at home. I thought I'd share just in case anyone else is interested, or working on some decorating themselves. Besides, the stuff is just cool to look at!

The website is www.crayoncastles.com

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Broken burando?

I own these boots from meta. Last night when I got up from dinner I noticed the entire heel of my left boot had come detached from the sole! Now, I wear my meta boots a LOT (more bang for my buck) so I'm not entirely surprised it happened but does anyone know how I might go about fixing it?

I was going to just glue it back on with some kind of adhesive, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for what might work.

Or am I bootless until I can get these to a shoe repair shop? :(

candy wife

French Lolitas

For my French class, we're doing a mini project on French-related fashion, and I wanted to do mine on Baby in Paris :) I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies and gents could show me some pictures of French lolitas that I can use with permission (wearing Baby would be great!), the Baby store, or any ads or other related images. Merci!