January 26th, 2009


Green Shoes?

Hello all~

Does anyone know of any stores/shops/sites that sell green lolita shoes? Angelic Pretty had had some green tea party shoes, and a couple other people have released green shoes as well. But they're always elusive. Always. -_-'

Thanks for any and all help!
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Emily Temple Cute

Quick question about ETC..

Is it possible to have a shopping service call the shop and ask for items on their blog? Or would someone have to physically go to the shop?

And if someone has to actually go there, does anyone know of a shopping service that will do that?
Thanks :)

Delaware events


I not originally from Delaware so I don't know about events that happen here. I just recently found out about something called Point-to-Point that happens in May. It sounded very interesting and I am planning to attend the event this year. I was wondering if any of our members have gone to this event before and/or planning to go this year.

Thank you!
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hello there! i have been following this community for about 2 months now and have been getting other lolitas in my area together thanks to livejournal! many people are asking questions about being a newbie lolita and i think that i've read enough to not ask anymore of those questions. *hopes so*

but i think i have a new one. (if not then please delete.)

after a long year of slowly introducing lolita to my parents, mainly my mom since my dad doesn't really care, i've finally gotten feedback. the only thing my mom could say was, "well, this is punk. you don't think it it, but this is a punk style."

i was so confused when she said this because when i look at the pretty, frilly AP and BTSSB dresses i don't think "punk". i think elegant and beautiful. i know it's mostly because she doesn't understand the style and she's not used to it, but i don't know how to convince her that it is most certainly not punk!

what puzzles me more is that when i'm wearing my lolita dress she says i look so cute and she loves it. and she says it reminds her of the victorian style of clothing. (that made me happy because first, she's right! :D and second, she likes the victorian era.) she will also tell her friends that i like this style and act very positive about it.

but when i want to wear it or i want to get something new she is absolutely against it. she tells me it's punk and she doesn't understand, "why i'm like this." like it's a genetic mutation or something. o_O

so i was hoping maybe i could get some advice on how to show her that it's not punk, it's elegance, it's based off of a beautiful era.

also, i already own all of the english G&LB's except for #3. and i have Kamikaze Girls, but she didn't like the beginning, so she wouldn't watch the rest. D: (it was before Ichiko even showed up!)

so, advice on how to bring my mom over to the frilly side???
(oh! i guess i should mention. i do know that there are MANY subgenres of lolita. and that there is 'punk lolita', but the type that i love and hope to buy is sweet lolita! and she still thinks it's punk!)
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Picture request~

Hello! I was wondering if anyone had any large, clear photos of Imai Kira's illustrations? I need them for an art class so anything, especially close-ups of faces and hair, would be appreciated. :D Thank you!
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Inspiration for all us Princesses

I have recently found this site and wanted to share it with you all. It's called La Princesse Endormie, and its just beautiful. When I think of the images that inspire my lolita dreams this is it. Hazy gardens, foggy forests, dust covered books, delicate bustles and sleeping maidens fill this blog of found photos. Whoever thought of this blog is my twin. I hope you all can take something from it and if this was posted recently I'm sorry.