January 25th, 2009


Other than lolita....

I've just always wondered about this, and finally decided to ask.

Other than lolita, what other styles does everyone else wear? Obviously, this wouldn't apply to you ladies that wear it 24/7 (god, I hate that expression, but I guess it works here?), but I've just been wondering about everybody else.

Personally, because sometimes it's just a little too inconvenient or cold to be a rufflebutt, I usually dress in what I guess is considered emo/indie/hipster. A lot of sweaters, cardigans, skinny jeans and canvas shoes. I've started wearing a lot more of my lolita accessories with my other clothes, and I've gotten a lot of positive responses.

Sorry if this seems like I'm prying into your business, I was just curious. ^^
And a big thank you to anyone bored enough to give some input. -^^-

(Also, mods, if this is inappropriate, feel free to delete it.)
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SurfaceSpell and ear muffs

I swear there was a shopping service on lj selling SurfaceSpell, but I just can't find it through my bookmarks or in the archives.

Also, someone posted a link to a store on (tabao?) to show some really awesome earmuffs and gloves in a store. One pair was plaid with fur, but that is all I remember of that one too.

Does anyone know either of those stores from memory?

olyathensaid Group order update

I got a message from her saying

"I currently do not have time to send emails directly to each of you, as I am using a phone to access the internet at the moment. There has been domestic troubles on my end, and I was forced to leave the home where the bodyline order was sent to, and have not been able to go back to get the items, and do not know when I shall be able to, so, unfortunately, instead of sending the items out, I will have to reimburse all of you, which, unfortunately, I will not be able to do for about a week, as I won't be able to get to a library to use internet for a while.
I'm so sorry about everything, and all of you will get your money back. When, and if, I get the items, I'll message you and if you would still like them, I will send them. If you choose not to, I will not blame any of you for not trusting me to send them out. Again, I apologize, and you will get your money back as soon as possible."

I asked for my money back and got it. I just wanted to share this with the other people in her group order and wanted to know if you got your money back or if you are going to give her another chance and ask for your items?
Ada Is Awesome. And so is Alliteration.


It's Lolita newbie question/info time again! I apologize if this isn't the right community to post to for this. ^^;

I'm tempted by all the very cute rocking horse shoes that I see every so often and have been thinking about getting a pair. The question is, do they work for tall lolitas? At all? They seem to be several inches high and I suppose a towering lolita giant may not be very flattering... I'm 5'8'', by the way.

If I did go for a pair it'd probably be for the El Montreal brand, and hopefully cheaper, just so I can try them out. I know prices for them usually tend to run mid-range to high (which to me is like $30.00-$60.00) but is that about the lowest they go for?

If any tall lolitas or lolitas in general have any photos with RHS that they'd like to share, too, I would love to see them. X3
Sumo Ballet

Vermont Lolitas

I'm in the Rutland Vermont area. Lolita isn't very common here. Actually I've never seen anyone else in lolita here. But it's good to check periodically, maybe there's some closet cases. lol Also, this is the Vermont time of year and lots of people come here to ski. So if you're coming to Killington or Okemo or the one in Manchester, VT and would feel like packing a loli outfit for a meeting at a coffee shop let me know. Anyone at all out there?

TaoBao shopping service

In addition to opening a store that sells brand lolita, Fei is wanting to also do a TaoBao shopping service, but before we finalize any details with that we're curious as to the amount of people interested. Please let us know if you are, and how much you are willing to pay for it. We want to make sure we have a reasonable service fee that's easily obtainable. Please let us now your opinions and comments. Have a nice day as well. :D
If we decide to do it, the woman running the service is: sweet_loli .
I forgot to mention we are located in the U.S. :D
EDIT: Feedback info on ebay:
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Question about Zipper?

I asked this question at Sew_loli and I thought "why not ask here." I am making an OP and using this AP OP as an inspiration but, I am not sure if it has a zipper or if it is pulled over the head. Could someone tell me and please share images of the closure if you have it?

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Art Post!

I have been hesitant to post my art here because I'm all worried everyone will be all "blechh!"
But I love seeing other peoples' art posts and I just finished another lolita-inspired drawing so I figured why not!

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Looking for any other Perth (Australia) lolitas!

I know there's the Perth lolita comm, but there might be more out there. (: I was just wondering if there were any other Lolitas floating around in Perth, because the whole time I've been here into Lolita, I haven't met that many. ): Would be nice to get to know some that live in this city (it's either that or flying around to the other states that have an actual population.. heh).

So, if you're out there, I'm here! :D

(Moderatorz, if this is innapropriate please delete!~).

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