January 24th, 2009

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SUPPURATE SYSTEM International Update?

While Suppurate System starting its international webshop http://suppuratesystem.ocnk.net/ was announced a while ago, I don't think anyone mentioned their newest update about wanting customer input on which accessories to put there.

(The English isn't that too bad either.)

Only thing is, I've heard from the Celga FAQ (I think) that it's customary and polite for someone to buy something that they request from Japanese sellers. So as much as I'd like to answer their customer input request, I'm just... scared I'll be obligated to buy something that I couldn't afford. ^_^

Anyway, it's more of an alert for people to throw their thoughts over to them, since I didn't see a post on this new development.


Trading question

Sorry for not having any ninja google skills, and also if this should actually go in the sales community!

A good while back someone had made a post in here asking what the general procedure was for trading items in the sales community, and I can't find it! I tried the memories and the search function and didn't have any luck.

Does anyone have a link by chance? Or, could you please tell me how it usually works so that both parties have a degree of trust that their items will be received?
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Tobacco smell

Hi! Sorry if this question seems lame, but I'm wondering whether to wear my Moitie JSK to a party tonight because there is a chance that smoking is allowed in the place. I was wondering, if my dress doesn't get stained but it ends up smelling of tobacco (argh), is dry cleaning necessary? The dress is made of a very gauz-y fabric. Do you know any tricks to fight the smell? Or maybe I just shouldn't wear it at all...?
Thank you!
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Lolita inspired fashion collection

(Prev. post here if you're wondering what I'm talking about.)

So, I finished designing what's going into my "collection." I ended up channeling Antique Beast and Atelier Boz as much as or more than the classic brands, surprisingly. Maybe because I was looking to make stuff with a cut that average non-lolis would find wearable along with the heavily and obviously lolita inspired? Anyway, below the cut find the rough drafts of the flats for the "fairy woods collection:"

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Now I've got to trace out good, non smudged flats, coordinate the garments into 25-30 outfits, and then illustrate the 25-30 outfits. By Monday. O_O At least they only have to be croquis sketches or even some just showing flats laid on top of each other like paper doll clothes, not finished illustrations. I'm actually having trouble coming up with this many coordinates! What coordinate do you think I shouldn't miss including? Here's the list of coordinates I came up with, anyone think I'm missing an essentially awesome coordinate?

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My boyfriend has been commissioned with the permission of the professor to create a fancy faux-carved-ivory fairy tale looking book cover to bind all the art into. He's outside using various hand and power tools atm. :3

Oh yes, and lastly, this is the McQueen collection I had referenced in the previous post:
I had totally picked out my theme before I read what his inspiration for this collection was! Click on 'complete collection' to see lots of variants on the bell-skirt silhouette.

Art post: Slight Decora Goth

Earlier this week, I was looking through the Winter 09 Gothic and Lolita Bible, when I wondered what a Gothic version of Decora Loli might look like. I toned down a lot of the over-the-topness, so I'm not sure if this really qualifies as Decora, but it turned out looking something like this.

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Dreamy chiffon scallop skirt (sewing post)

While working on commissions like a mad thing, I found myself stuck home sick a couple of days ago, without the material I needed to finish anything. I really wanted to do some sewing, though, so I wound up dragging out a skirt I started ages ago (seriously, eight months ago) and put aside to finish later. I had everything to get it done, so it was a good break from sewing heavy wool and tailored pleats! Sewing chiffon, however, is my new pet hatred. I thought satin was bad, but this stuff frays everywhere and won't even press to hold a hem properly!

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Illinois lolita

I've kind of been wondering for a long time...is there anyone here who resides in a part of Illinois that isn't close to Chicago? It never really made sense to me that there was one community for Chicago and none for the rest of the state when there are other major urban areas in it.

If I created a new community for all IL lolitas and gents, would any of you participate, or are you content with meetup communities already in existence?

I thought about this because a friend told me he's seen a few gothic lolitas in Rockford, and I'd love to go to meetups around that area since I'm halfway between there and Chicago. But also, I was just worried that Southern IL lolitas have no meetup community...
Kai Monster

English GLB - contests

So I get this in my email this morning


Your submission (a letter, a poem, a photo, a drawing, or another item you submitted to us) was selected as one of the prize winners from either the volume 3 or volume 4 "Show Us Your Stuff" contest.

Winners were selected from all submissions received and were judged by a panel of TOKYOPOP staff members, not awarded by sweepstakes.

Not all winning entries will appear in a volume of Gothic & Lolita Bible."

Anyone else on here get an email?

I'm happy about winning, as I honestly didn't expect it, but I'd like to know who else on this comm has won these contests or have gotten these emails.

*editing entry to add the winners*
I know vol 4 had 25 winners, I'm not sure about vol 3.
GLB show us your stuff winners

IW contest winners

Pictures Request

As I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago, I'm still working on my lolita website in Flash. I've been looking for large, high quality images though out the meetups, and a lot of people have resized images too small for my needs (Note: This website will not be going online, if it does, the photographers will be contacted for permission, but there is a credit section crediting the overall EGL comm.) I have done multiple searches throughout the EGL comm, but I'm starting to hit a dead end in my quest for images.

What I would like are high quality images of lolitas that are at least 800 x 500 landscape view. They can be of any kind of lolita doing various activities, have multiple people in the image, or just showing off the clothing. I have a section of goth, steampunk, sweet, and classic styles. I don't really want magazine photographs or anything with text (unless it's writing on a wall or something). I'd also prefer if the images had an artistic feel to them, like a photoshoot, but it is not required, there's lots of fantastic candid shots out there.

If you could lead me in the direction to what I am looking for, that would be awesome! Thank you all in advance!