January 23rd, 2009


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Last weekend we (Jack & I) discover a place soo beautifull. Its a abandondend amusement park of the ninetees.We wanted to take some lolita´s photographies but we didn´t take the camara. We decided to go back this week and take the shots. This is the pics, Jack it´s the photographer (he is my boyfriend n///n). Check them out! This is my first post in this community. I ´m rather nervious about the comments, but I have been following EGL for a long time and today I decided to place this post.
I don´t speak english very well but I try :) I´m from Argentina and participate in the Lolita in Wonderland forum.

Enjoy the photographs. And a good life for you! :3

(all handmade by me n////n)
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Umm was this right?

I was going to place a special order at dream shoppe from AP, but they said that this one blouse  was going to be like $220? I figured that that was way to much and paying like $60 extra dollars was crazy especially since I was going to be ordering a lot more then that? So I ended up canceling my order. What I want to know is if that was way to much what they were charging? They said that it was the price conversion but I think that's way to much >.> you?
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I received my Bodyline luckypack today and was shorted an item. I ordered the 5,000 yen pack that was supposed to have 1 dress, 1 jumper, 2 shirts, 1 skirt and 2 socks but did not get a skirt at all. They didn't replace it with another item either, there were only 6 items instead of 7.

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Pregnant loli - patterns/tutorials?

I'm pregnant and want to make some cute dresses with some material I have laying around that will fit both while I'm pregnant and after. I found this, this, and this (though this last one doesn't look as... flexible as the other two) after some searching - I did find other entries dealing with this while searching but they were old and a lot of the important stuff, like pictures and links, were unavailable - but I'd like to see some others if there are any others still up. Empire waist stuff and stuff with a lot of shirring is mainly what I'm looking for but if you know of anything styled differently that would work well, feel free to share!

Thanks in advance for your help! :D
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Lace preferences?

This may be an odd question, but I'm curious-what is your favorite type of lace, egl ? i mean the kind you prefer on your lolita garments. It seems that Venice and eyelet are the most popular (and I use venice almost exclusively in my sewing), but how do you guys feel about cluny or raschel? Raschel gets a bad rep because there is sooooooo much low quality stuff around, but I personally love the delicate look of high-quality raschel, especially for classic garments. What about embroidered net lace like this? I love it, but some people think it looks too flimsy/lingerie-ish.

If you aren't sure about the distinction between lace types, there is a nice guide here at the lolita_handbook .

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