January 22nd, 2009

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I asked Bodyline after the post yesterday if the new FP skirts were supposed to be the large size.

This was their response--and it's not just one word!

Dear Tiffany,

Our large size products is in Queen size category and always with a suffix such as -L,-2L...

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us,

Custom fabric printing

I don't know if this has been posted about before, but If you aren't impressed with the fabric offered at Shugale, Spoonflower offers custom printing on 100% cotton. Quite affordable at $18 per yard (and $5 sample swatches!).

They're supposed to be adding more fabric choices, as well.

(Can't find the Iron-gate skirt you've been lusting after? Make it a reasonable facsimile.)
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Minnesota Lolitas

Hello all! I am here to announce that mn_egl_society is no longer going to be used. The moderator has been AWOL for sometime now, so we agreed to make a new community.

That new community is mn_rufflebutts, and we are extending an invitation to all Minnesota lolitas to join! This is where we will be planning meet ups and events so please join if you are from MN. See you there! Make sure to introduce yourself when you join!

This is posted with permission from novalis_b.

Secret Santa

Has anyone else still not received their Secret Santa gifts?

I'd forgotten about it until just now, mine still hasn't come, and I'm just starting to think it never will :(
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Lolitas, aquariums, and fingernails

I know fingernails are a huge part of lolita. Always looking clean and fresh, or extravantly decorated. But I've run into some trouble with that...

You see, I own a goldfish aquarium. It involves a lot of maintenence work, which includes sticking my hands in there, cleaning up poo from the bottom and sometimes scraping algae from the side of the tank. Goldfish are very dirty creatures. ;) I've had them less than a week and the work is already piling up! XD

This has led to OBVIOUS fingernail problems. My hands get wrinkly, I can't wear my nails too long for fear of scratching one of the fish, I can't wear fake nails because the materials and glue can be toxic, and what not. I also can't often moisturize my hands because I fear something horrible will happen that will need my immediate attention and to have moisturizer on my hands if this happens is also trouble-making.

So how do I keep my nails looking nice, without jeopardizing my fish's health?

There's got to be someone here in a simalar situation...
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Item Review: Bumpits (for big Happie Hair)

A few weeks ago, there was a post regarding the infomercial bumpits for hime hairstyles. I figured there's no harm in trying. And since my  hair's as flat as a pancake, this'll be a good chance to put some volume on my hair even if it doesn't work with loli hairstyle.

My sister has straight bangless hair while I have bangs so we tried and tested it on both hair to see which one would be more suitable.

,And so... here's the before and after pic... 

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Your frilliest lolita item?

Just for fun!
What's the frilliest/most lacey/most extravagant lolita item you own?
It can be anything, from dress or skirt to headdress or bag!

Mine is my green floral Anna House OP (this one). When I wear it I feel so... "floofy" and fancy haha! I love all that beautiful detailing.

Love and lace,
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