January 21st, 2009

Miwitch Infant Dress + Review

After much lurking, I decided to purchase this dress miwitch.com/vivi/jump_wildrosechoco1.jpg.
  • Communication 10: The seller kept in close contact with me at all times and even notified me to let me know that the actual dress was much darker than the one shown in the picture.
  • Shipping 10: Once the dress was made, I received it in two days!
  • Quality 10: All the seams were finished and the lace is absolutely beautiful. I was worried that the lace was going to be cheap and scratchy, but it is so soft and lovely.
*Overall, I am so happy with my purchase and I will certainly buy from them again. ^.^
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Marui Remodeling and Relocation

I apologize for posting again so soon, but I don't believe the details about this have been put up here, and thought it was something big for folks planning to visit Japan in the future:

Following a month-long break and remodeling period this month and next, Marui will relocate nearly all its Lolita and related shops to a different Shinjuku branch (from MaruiOne/MaruiYoung to MaruiCity-2). Most of the (physical) stores will remain closed during this time, but a couple will move temporarily to MaruiCity-1 and remain open through the remodeling. Algonquins will leave the Shinjuku Marui stores for good.

The entire shop list and details are here in my blog, if you're interested. Thanks for reading! (And please let me know if someone beat me to this already. Thank you!)

Tea Party Club January meet

Hi guys, I have some photos from our meetup last Saturday, thought you might like to see. We started out at the Museum of Childhood, where they let us try stuff on (hence the many hat photos), and then moved on to High Tea of Highgate. If you're ever in London, go there. They're so lovely, and the food keeps appearing.

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Thanks for looking!
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Customs Question

I was in a Bodyline group order and I believe the total came to around $800 dollars or less for everything. The girl who ordered everything told us that customs will come to $11 per item. Doesn't this seem extremely excessive? I don't want to pay $22 for $33 worth of merch plus shipping.

I know if you refuse the package Bodyline will pay for second shipping, but she doesn't want to do that; she thinks it will take too long.

Customs: $360 CAD
Order Total: $889 USD

Has anyone shopped on dessert rose?

Hi all, I am new to lolita and the community and yes, in the past couple of months I have been spending waayyy too much buying tons of stuff! I like some indie brands, thanks to the links posted in EGL and Avant Gauche, and I decided to buy something from dessert rose. But it's been two weeks since the order and SMJ hasn't received anything for me in Japan. I wonder if anyone has had any experience in dealing with the shop? (will i be scammed by dessert rose?)
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