January 20th, 2009

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A New Lolita Meet-Up Calendar

Hi! As part of my new daily Lolita news and update blog Petit Four Press, after a bit of tweaking with Google, I've put together a Lolita meet-up calendar to help Lolitas and organizers find each other.

Take me to this meet-up calendar...

I won't put anyone's meet-up on the calendar without permission, so please email me at petit.four.blog@gmail.com if you're an organizer and would like your meet-up to be added now or at any point in the future. I need your:

Location (city/state or province/country only)
Date (day only)
Type of meet-up (formal/casual/picnic/movie, etc.)
Organizer info (either an LJ name or email address, no phone numbers or addresses for safety)
Any extra notes you might like to add (reminder about venue prices, intro bit about hostess, etc.).

Meet-ups from anywhere in the world are welcome! And if it's all right, I'll ask organizers if they'd like to add their meet-ups if I happen to see posts around, and post once a month here to remind everyone of any updates for the coming month.

Thanks for reading!
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Wants some shoes

Does anyone know of a store in Osaka or even Tokyo that has goth/loili shoes size 26? >_<
Stores I've looked in only have up to size 24 T^T

I've lived in Japan long enough to know how to find my way around places but don't actualy live in Osaka or Tokyo. I'm about 3 hours from Osaka and go there about once a month and I'm going to Tokyo for Golden week, so if you know a place I'd need at least some basic directions.

Liz Lisa in Macau?

May Be Deleted if unappropriated.

Although, I'm new to Lolita, my biggest hope would be to buy Lolita in a real shop rather then online personally. Yesterday, my father who's on business in Macau, China said that he saw a new " one of those frilly dresses that I like " (Seriously dad...) in a shop call " Liz Lisa " that is from Japan.
I can't seem to find much info on the Shop Liz Lisa personally but, I have sometimes (rarely) seen the name on some EGL sales before.

Do they have a site? Are they actually Loliable? Size Range, Quality?

I haven't really seen any of their clothes before. ^^ Help will be greatly helpful~~

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Becoming a Lolita Model

I know that the big brands don't usually take foreign models (innocent world had Caucasian models, but they probably lived in Japan?), but after bodyline held their contest I was suddenly overcome with the desire to be a lolita model >D;; ...and I have a feeling that there's a few other frilly lovelies that feel the same! : D

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pretty pretty shoes
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So... what's that on Closet Child?

I haven't been watching Closet Child much, but I just clicked on it and there's a big sign about a sale.

And that's all the information I got.

Does anyone know exactly what the sale is? In-store only, certain items only, all items discounted, etc, etc? I searched EGL for answers, but my google-fu is weak.

Question about Headbow

Hello dolls,

i was wondering if anyone has this headdress?

i would like to make a headbow but i'm very specificaat when it comes to the shape of it
i love the elegance and the shape (which is not to large but also not to small for my tast XD) of this bow

so i wanted to ask if anyone would like to measer the Height and the lenght of the fabric, if possible and if not, just the lenght of the headbow and the height

(sorry for the crappy photoshoped pics but my english sucks when it comes to the explaining of things so i hoped everyone could understand me with these pics XD)

Thank you in advance <3

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Dances of Vice Victorian brunch pictures, 1-18-09


In addition to monthly nightclub events in New York, Dances of Vice has started having regular period themed brunch parties, and as you may remember from my previous post, the last one we had this past Sunday was Victorian themed. Everyone happened to dress in mourning clothing. I thought I'd share some pictures!

If anyone is interested, the next brunch is on February 8th at Brasserie Athenee, and the details can be found on the Dances of Vice Facebook Group. I know some of you rued the fact I announced the last one too late, so I hope this is enough advance notice! The next one won't be Victorian themed, but there will be more in the future.

The photo above is from our last brunch party this past Sunday by Jeffrey Clark, of my friend Anna.

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