January 19th, 2009



I set up an elaborate photo shoot~

I baked macarons for my mom's birthday last week. They're just plain flavored but I added food coloring. They're not perfect yet but this is my most successful batch so far! I am obsessed with macarons~
I figure there are enough lolitas here in love with macarons like I am, right? If anyone wants my recipe I'm still tweaking it to see what'll work with my oven but I'll be glad to share.

Meta Luckypack Contents?

Hey gals!

I was wondering if there were people that have pictures of all content of their lucky pack? I know of some people getting 'that' A. Lavigne shirt and some grey shirred jsk, but that's all i could find...
So if there is somebody that has pictures of the luckypacks they got, would you like to share? Please? ;__;

Kimi ni Chikau yo

To all BABY consumers


I am doing yet another Marketing project and this will probably be my last survey question you’ll hear from me. But before the survey start I have some for people who is currently living in Japan and/or Paris or those who went to Japan recently.

Do you have pictures of employees of BABY and/or pictures of yourself shopping inside/outside of BABY store? Perhaps pictures of BABY shopping bag/box?

If you don’t feel comfortable in showing your information to public, feel free to email me: ChibiAsuka-chan@hotmail.com

Psychographics (Religious Beliefs, interests, your lifestyle, etc):
Family life Cycle (Are you married, couples, single, divorced, etc… Do they accept your fashion? How do they feel about you wearing Lolita in public? etc)
How many pieces of BABY items do you own and when was the first time you owned a BABY product?

Yes. Another annoying Anna House question.

Delete, if too annoying.

I'm in love with this classic loli dress I saw on the Anna House site, BUT I'm very putt off by the colors available...I mean, they're not that terrible, but I'd like the same dress in a different color (like a crem white or a very light yellow, for instance), but they only show pictures in those three colors and state them as the alternatives for the dress.
Is that so? I mean, is that the final word? No amount of begging or an extra amount of dollars will make them change their minds......?
So yeah, I'm asking if there's any way to get the same dress custom-made in a different color than those shown, I mean, if they're gonna make the dress for the order anyway.......
If you know or have had the experience, please comment!

(no subject)

Does anyone have a picture of this Anna House blouse being worn? How is the quality? For anyone who has it in size small, can you describe your build and how it fits? I'm thinking of getting it, but I'm trying to figure out whether I would need custom sizing. Also, does the "cream white" look more white or ivory? Thanks!