January 17th, 2009

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Model search..second post

Hello everyone! I just wanted to make a second post about my little model search. I have received so many wonderful and impressive entries, it will be really hard to choose int he end!  I have noticed that I there were not any redheads, or many girls with glasses that entered. I would really loooove to have at least one of each of these assests in some entries, so if anyone knows anyone, send them here!     http://mousse-sweetdaydreams.blogspot.com/2009/01/mouse-au-chocolat-model-search.html     I will be accepting entries until the 30th so I would love to here from all of you!

Thanks, and good luck!!


Lolita inspired fashion collection

I'm a fashion major who's finally getting to start her first actual fashion design course, yay! (I know when I was in high school, I thought college would be better because I'd get to focus on my interests and not take 'all these irrelevant classes.' Bwahahahaa. The naivete of youth. Art school kids, say it with me: foun-DA-tions!)

So my first project is to utilize fashion industry trend resources like Doneger, Pecler's, and Textile View, and then design a small collection on a theme derived from an up and coming trend. I'd always had this vague notion that designers might look at trend research when coming up with their ideas, but my cute idea that lofty haute couture designers sat upon a cloud, ignoring trends, designing what was in their hearts and thus creating the trends... was stomped into itty bitty pieces. The higher end, the more they pay attention to these trend reports. What the trend reports say will happen WILL happen.

What in the hell does this have to do with lolita, you may ask? Ah, you see, upon further research, I found that those three fancy industry publications indicate that next year for fall winter will include a certain trend (there are always several for each season). The fabrics will be soft for the most part. The colors will be whites and creams, soft neutral pale colors, and some deep deep darks. Lace and 'distressed gauze' and a romantic feel and peplums and 'dark romance.' And most significantly for egl, one of the six important silhouttes to come involves a defined waist and *a bell shaped skirt.* View specifically noted that the full skirt trend will continue but the silhoutte will move away from full circles to a bell shape that may require crinolines to achieve.


I get to design a heavily classic lolita inspired collection. My theme is the fairy woods. :D Aaaaand next year we will probably have a good time of finding lolitable things in mainstream stores.

I do have a question though. I have to illustrate my designs on the usual tall, slender, nine or ten heads tall fashion figure. Loli is usually illustrated on petite, cute, manga style figures; short, cute, non-manga style figures; or occasionally tall, super slender anime style figures. Does anyone know of any loli themed art that uses a non-manga style tall slender figure? I'm not going to be trying hard to make it zomg totally lolita, but I have already come up with a few pieces that would make peeople go, hey, that's lolita in the technical flat drawing version. I'm just curious how lolita I can possibly expect these to look when drawn on typical fashion proportions... and NOT accessorized with head eating bows and childish clunky MJ's.
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Too good to be true cheap petti

Anyone have pics/comments about this petti from Sock Dreams? It looks affordable and cute, but I don't want to end up with a cone-shaped sillouette (though I plan to wear it under some heavier fabrics, so maybe that will help?) I'll probably wait until they get black back in stock, but figured I'd ask about it now.


Lacey's Petticoats

In August, one of my friends ordered a petticoat from Lacey's. It is January now, and she still has not received it. They ordered with Paypal and got a confirmation, but the petticoat has not arrived and the website is not answering any emails.

This is the petticoat she ordered:

I searched the memories and couldn't find anything about the website, so we're not sure if they have a history of scamming people. Does anyone know?

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Good and beautiful wigs???

My christmas present was a Pink wig [and more things xD] for a Amaloli style...I have taken out it of the bag and I don't like it so much u.u I've taken photos to show it to you so you can give me some advice.... It's less pink that in the photos u.u the flash make it like that xDDD the wig is light pink... I don't know if I don't like it because I've never had any wig before....Maybe it's lack of habit xDDD If I choose change it, where can I buy good and beautiful wigs??

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Thank you very much ^.^''

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I was wondering if anyone had purchased a Bodyline coat and had some info on it
I searched and couldn't find anything specifically on their coats so I hope you don't mind me asking.  What I'm worried most about is size.
They list the measurements as much larger than their default size for anything else but on their mannequin it looks like their normal petite sizes.
There isn't a seperate large size listed so I can't imagine the default size is the large one . .I'm just a bit confused. 
Thanks for any help!

This is the coat I'm interested in specifically

They show the pink version on a model who also looks a lot smaller than the listed size

Lazy Lolitas?

I'm getting ready for a lolita meet tomorrow and I realized what a lazy lolita I am! Between the outfit coordination, hair, makeup, nails, and other forms of primping and pruning, getting ready can take hours. When I'm not wearing lolita, I spend such a small amount of time getting ready for the day that I wonder what made me get into this fashion in the first place... So if you lazy lolitas are out there, tell me your tips and tricks and your lazy lolita stories. Help me stay lazy!

I'll go first-- When I shave my legs, I'll just shave the little 4-6 inch margin between the tops of my socks and the hem of my dress and not my whole leg. Plus, it makes the socks stay up better that way (at least in my imagination anyway...)!