January 16th, 2009

china shops

I know there has been talk about this before, but I couldn't find it. I am going to China in a month or so and would like to know of Lolita shops that are NOT in Shanghai or Hong Kong. If you can recomend Taobao sites you all find reputable. Also I know Secret shop site is not open in America but does any one know if I'll be able to access it China, or where the factory/store is? Thanks so much.
ninja and tea

skirt question

(hoping this is a question appropriate for here I will delete/move the post if needed)

I have been craving cheap 22-25 inch long petticoats, mild fullness, no netting. I can make them for about $20, and would charge $40 to make one for someone else. (during this craving only, not a catalog thing) But, am I just missing a place to buy them for $20?

I am only looking for the equivalent of a double layer near-circle skirt with a pleated ruffle on the bottom of each layer. So not a poofy petticoat, but more of a soft under layer. I am tall, in the US, and plus size, which makes it even more of a challenge.

So the real question is am I missing the place to get them cheaply?

Here is a site for poofy ones, I am looking for way less poofy than that..
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DandyLions Delights

I don't know if this has been posted already, but while I was checking my facebook today I found a link to ArtFire, an Etsy type shop, and found this seller.

There's lots of sweets jewelery on there, so it's mostly of interest to the sweet lolitas, but there's some stuff on there that might work for classic, punk, and gothic lolita as well. (although the headbands are kinda... icky.)

I like the skull necklace myself.

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Simon is found?!

Remember Simon and my UPS package? Well Simon decided he does not like Angelic Pretty. I left messages about my package everywhere and today I was surprised by my package outside my door!

Simon does not like Angelic Pretty but I do :D

Thank you everyone for your heartening advice!!! Thank you Simon!!! :D :D


so!I was wondering,--bored and at work sorry--I have a clear idea what most of the Loli styles should look like, but Erololi has me confused. All of the pics I have seen posted that mentioned erololi have not been good according to the consensus of the community. I want to see what "good" Erololi looks like. Does any one have pics of what is consider "good" Erololi? Is there such a thing?