January 15th, 2009



Now i am quite aware that Bodyline has not-so-gret quality associated with it's name, but I was wondering: how are their shoes? are they bad as well? and as far as sizing goes, do they run large or small?
By me!

UK Meet-up Reminder!

Just a reminder for anyone who's coming to the Manchester meet this weekend:

Date: 17th January
Time: 1pm
Place: Museum of Science and Industry

Don't forget, we're meeting at the big round thing outside the building! See you there ^_^


I searched through the memories, and search function but I couldn't find any information I was looking for. I was curious to know which, if any, of the brands do wholesale besides F+F. We are expanding a part of our store to include Brand Lolita items, We're in discussion with Baby, but we'd really like some other brands too.Any and all help is very much appreciated!
- Also if you know the way I can get in contact with them that would be wonderful as well.
We are in the United States, Missouri, if the part of our store does well we are going to expand to a Kiosk, and then a store. I will also discuss webstore orders as well.

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Ordering DD rocking horses...

Hi girls,

Last year a friend and I ordered 2 pairs of black RHS from Double Decker during their August free shipping period. They didn't arrive for a month and after we emailed them they replied that the shoes would arrive before the end of 2008...
...and now it's mid-January and they still haven't arrived yet @_@. Apparently they're out of stock (even though they're very popular...)

Has anyone had any trouble ordering from DD during free shipping? It seems a bit weird, because other people I know who ordered during the same time have received their orders (ranging from on time to 4-5 months late). 
Could they still be backlogged/sold out/waiting for new stock?

PS. If I changed my mind and decided to get another type of shoe from DD instead, would that be possible (because they are delayed/out of stock with the RHS, and another kind would probably ship faster?)

Thank you!

Hello ^_^ IM new here, looking for lolitas to meet

im Veronica a Gothic Lolita from Puerto Rico, I am looking for new friends, I wanna meet other Lolitas all over the World I hope I guet a reply :D

my interest are:

Egl, EGa, sweet lolis, Punk lolis in fact all lolita stiles :D

I love art and Music I am a writer, and I am lead vocals in a gothic Metal band! I use my lolita stile as my image and I want to let others know about this wonderfull world called Gothic and Lolita!!!!

I hope all of you add me as a friend and I do hope to guet to know all of you :D
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I was waiting for a 'signed for' UPS package of a dress, (I live in London), and the tracking displayed that someone else, a 'Simon' signed for the package, and no 'Simon' whatsoever exists where I live! I have went around to neighbours etc. and no one has heard a thing. :( I'm so worried about it and its the first package which I have had using UPS...has anyone had this experience? Is there anything I can do if UPS refuses a claim?

Arghhh my Angelic Pretty dress....
yoshitaka amano

Pudding Alamode

I went to the Alamode Night myspace page (http://www.myspace.com/gothloliheaven), and they were showcasing this really cute gothloli duo called Pudding Alamode. I wanted to share their page with you in case you'd like to listen!


Unfortunately there's only one song, so I YouTubed them and found another song that is quite a bit different. Judging by the reaction to most posts that are more goth than loli, a lot of you are probably not going to like this, but I hope someone else can appreciate it with me~

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Are you into D&D?
Got a thing for WoW?
Can you do a dance where it's just a step to the right..?
Spend just as much money on video games as you do on brand?
Is your collection of comics bigger then your collection of GLBs?
Do you know what 'pull list' 'trades' 'heroclix' and 'frag' mean?
Do you stop and say ' Make it So'?
Do you confuse guys when you walk into the comic / gamer / video game store and buy what would be typed as ' boy games'?
Are you better at those games then the boys?
Do you enjoy playing a GOD that controls an animal.. that every so often likes to eat your villagers..?
Ever go outside and create your own snowgoons?
Ever dream about traveling through time and space in a british Blue Police Box?
Do you have a Boomstick?
Is your S.O. overly happy that they can play video games with you and be involved in couple geekdom?
Do you play online rpg games?
Can you recite lines from movies at the drop of a hairbow?



If any of the above applies to you then come on down to Loli Geeks. Where even the frilliest of us can shout.. FOR THE HORDE!

loli_geeks proudly sponsored by the Frilly Daleks of the planet Skaro.

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OMG have just been browsing the Annahouse website and I love everything on the website (aside from the chinese which i don't understand >.<).

It's very affordable. XD Have you bought from there and if yes
a) how easy was it, ie. the process?
b) what's ur opinion on the quality of their products?
c) was sizing good?
d) how long did shipping take

Want to possibly get my first proper outfit but unsure, pov's anyone?
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