January 14th, 2009

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MM anketto

Mary Magdalene is doing their SS 2009 reproduction anketto.
Here are the options and here is the form.
The form asks for:
Last name, first name, email, phone number, if you have an ID for mail order (top is yes, bottom is no), choices 1 2 and 3 (remember to include the color and details such as "no lace") and "other". The left button is submit and the right is reset, then you can check it and click the left again to submit or the right to correct your info. Please note that items with the little heart icon next to the name, they are out of that fabric so if it is reproduced they will have to use a different one.

What is everyone voting for? It was a hard choice for me but I voted for, mille-feuille pannier skirt (light) in pink, the Eglantine JSK in pink and the Angelica OP in navy.

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Lolita care with hard water?

So in the past few month I've moved to Los Angeles which has very hard water. In the area I lived in before this was never a problem so I'm not quite accustomed to how that affects lolita care. Specifically I'm wondering if there is anything special I should do for hand washing my frills. I checked the memories but the only information pertaining to hard water was to use filtered water in your iron.

So, any advice on hand washing with hard water?
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Dream Items? [litterally!]

The other night I had a dream my little sister gave me an Angelic Pretty purse. However; in my dream, I didn't recognize it at all. I remember being very freaked out in my dream because a, my sister is the devil and would never get me an AP bag, and b, I love AP. When I woke up, I went and checked the site and saw that my "Dream Bag" wasn't there.

It was a bubblegum pink colour--the same dark pink that AP used for their newest Tea Party Shoes, but had a big bow on the front as well as white at the corners. It had a closure like this bag, http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i113/hakutobi/Lolita%20things/d26323ab.jpg (which I think is sooo cute. reminds me of a vintage bag I have!), as well as the little bow on the top of the handle. It also came with a shoulder strap. :D

SO. My question for the community is, have you ever had a "Dream Item?" Something you've dreamed up and awoke to find it wasn't there? Please share! :]
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Space Lolita!

I got inspired by a post made a couple days ago, asking what everyone would like to be more acceptable in Lolita. I got to thinking about more interesting printed dresses, and came up with a space-themed Lolita! While I'd really like to sew up a simple space-printed JSK, I got to drawing a few more ideas for designs.

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Icons + FO Banner

I was bored and since I didn't have anything to do I decided to make some icons, with some of the pics I have in my comp. It's my first time making some, so yeah they're kind of simple. Nothing super fancy and animated, sorry.


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Any suggestions for Pirate Loli wrist/arm wear?

Hello dear Ladies,

once again, I request your help! I'm a Classic Lolita but I was thinking about incorporating some AatP in my wardrobe for Spring. I imagined some coordination already, but there is a thing that bugs me: the wrist/arm wear. I mean honestly, I don't really see lacy wristcuffs fitting with Pirate Loli, so I was wondering if you could give me any ideas, suggestions, or show me some old stock or magazines or photoshoot pictures to help me? I went on AatP's website to check out what kind of wrist/arm wear they had, and the only thing is this: http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/pirates/103P961.html . I don't really like it. ­-_- So please fellow Lolitas, would you help me out with finding some adequate wrist/arm wear?

Thank you very much for your time!
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