January 12th, 2009


Gothic Lolitas In Oz?

I'm hoping this is allowed (very very sorry if it isn't, but I did check FAQ and from what I read i don't think it isn't.. >_>)

Have made a facebook group for <3 Gothic Lolita Australia <3 which is basically open house to anyone in Australia (hopefully lots Melbourne area) who loves all things Gothloli. Am hoping to organise more regular meet and greets. Cake and Tea anyone?

How bout a nice big group on the steps of State Library? ;) We do have a (willing) photographer!
I don't really know many gothlolis in VIC but there's always tonnes at manifest and so forth so surely there's some around right?

Please join! Please spread the word and join! <3<3<3<3

(And no I'm not just posting this because I've bought a ridiculously expensive dress from Shibuya and there's nowhere to wear it to ^_~)
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I checked the memories and didn't exactly find anything relevant to this question I'm about to ask.

For a class, yes another class project, I am making a flash website on Lolita fashion. It's supposed to target new lolitas who don't exactly know all the ins and outs of the styles. As of right now, my navigation is set as "About" "Styles" "Brand" and "Credits" . I'm trying to make this as informative as possible, but also elegant like the fashion.

So I ask: If you were looking at a lolita information website, what would you want it to include?

Answers can include content and overall feel. If you have suggestions for other main topics, subtopics, or anything else, please include that as well :D

Thank you all in advance.

Introduction and Photo Post

Hi, I wanted to introduce myself to the community. I go by an alias named Angelwing. I’ve been a member here for a long time, but I just haven’t posted. I got introduced to lolita a couple of years ago by val_chante, but the only style that I found that I liked to wear was the classical part. I was never really a girly girl and I have very little experience with make-up and hair. So this hobby helped a lot to fill that department.

I have posted pics beneath the cut of two separate outfits.


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so this morning my luckypacks from Meta came in! [silly Meta never even sent my tracking number so I was starting to worry D:] Everything was pretty awesome, especially the coat I got, but one thing just made me burst out laughing when I saw it.

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Hair "Bow"

I know this isn't something new, and I'm pretty sure I've seen a model or two sporting this styled in GLBs, but I just ran across a video tutorial on this a few hours ago and was dying to try it. I think this would look super cute with a sweet loli dress! I tried it myself and it really isn't too difficult, you can do it with layers too, it just needs a little fiddling and a lot more bobby pins. My first attempt is a little lopsided and has a lot of flyaways though, but it only took me 15 minutes to get it mostly right! I'm still wearing it right now and it seems pretty durable too. I definitely want to try this again full-fledged!


Lucky Packs~<3

Edit: "cut"-ed... Hopefully it will work this time >_<

 I was back home in Japan for the holidays, and OFCOURSE...
I lined up from early in the morning for those lucky packs...
...and it was totally worth it<3<3<3

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Lolita dress up game : D

Click to go play it! :) There are a few unrelated things in there, but its a fun little game to design your own lolita outfit. You can click/drag pretty much everything in the room.

I also have it on my website here: http://clairebelton.com/dressup.htm

but I figure most would wanna play the bigger version on DA. Hope you like it. :)

Heres one I made: http://i40.tinypic.com/6p6frk.jpg

You should show me what you make too! ^^