January 11th, 2009

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Petticoats @_@

I'm a total newbie when it comes to wearing lolita, and I'm still trying to gather myself the basic essentials.

As far as the skirt and petticoat, how much fluff should there be? It seems variable according to everyone's tastes, but what's considered too much? When I try mine out, it puffs almost more than half a foot around me and feels huge. ^^;

Any tips on how to defluff petticoats? I've tried sitting on mine. XD Will steam work at all or is that a huge no because of the polyester tulle?

Edit: I'm also needing to straighten it out so that it looks more straight and uniform and not so crinkly, even when looking at the skirt above it. ^^;

Thanks for the advice!

Lol"ita" experiment.

I was bored today and I decided to challenge myself to coordinate something that would ordinarily be a GIANT NO and make it into a HELL YES. Or at least a tentative yes. Or at least not eye-bleedingly terrible. So I went through my closet and accessories to find a bunch of things that would normally make the lolita gods cry, and I put them together to see if I could pull it off.

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If nothing else, it was a fun way to spend half an hour! You can judge if it was a successful experiment, but it was a success at giving me something to do, so I'm happy.
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LV Panda


So I made this entry a few months ago and got quite a few responses. So if you were one of the girls who showed interest and haven't given me an answer yet, please comment or send me a message with your name, email, description and a picture of your outfit.

Here is the original entry, please view it and once I approve you, you'll be put on the list. There will be a model run through on Friday sometime of the convention and another one Saturday morning before the show. The Panel starts at 11am on Saturday the 14th. More info will come soon!

EDIT: Okay, I know a lot of girls had showed interest in the last entry I made, but failed to send me emails. If you're serious about modeling, I need to be able to contact you all to update you with news, what to do and where to go. So PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL WITH YOUR NAME, LJ USERNAME, OUTFIT DESCRIPTION AND PHOTO OF YOUR OUTIFT.

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angelic pretty, red, lolita


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I've had no formal training, I'm actually studying languages and literature xD I draw mostly during classes. It's not a great drawing, but it's kind of cute I think :3 I hope you like it!
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Shana Logic Headbow & Twitter

Didn't see this posted earlier, so I'm posting it now: shanalogic.com is now offering headbows in black x black and red x black. I've always been a fan of Shanalogic, so this is especially neat for me.

Also. Are there any lolitas out there who use Twitter to talk about lolita? (I don't mean people who tweet about their daily lives and happen to be lolitas, but people who specifically use Twitter as a lolita microblog.)
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SO this weekend I stayed over at my friend's (batcheeks) place and today we found some time to work on my portefolio and I wanted to share some of them with you.
Though I think I made a few lovely photo's I am planning to use the FIRST close-up for my portefolio ONLY.


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Hope you like them Rory-chan~ ♥

(EDIT: It's not me on the photo's it is all Aurora-chan, I am just the photographer!)
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Colorful Paris Windows

Baltimore National Aquarium Meet Up

Info: (To all Maryland/Virgina/DC Lolitas)

When? Sunday, Febuary 8th, 2009 from 12 to 5pm.
Where? Baltimore National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD. (http://www.aqua.org/index.html)
What? Tour the aquarium!! Have fun and take pictures. Lunch somewhere maybe? 
How much is it going to cost? Adults are $24.95. Also bring a little $$$ for food or souvinears? 
What is the dress code going to be? Lolita preferably, but not strictly.
 Contact? Casie (me)... see the other two communities for my #. 

I think this will be a LOT of fun!!! ^_^ Dress warm for the cold weather, but it should be very warm once we get inside, so be ready to carry a coat. <3

Contact me if you need any help getting to Baltimore. I live closer to the DC Metro Area, about an hour away from Baltimore. So if anyone lives near any metro station, just call me up, I have extra seats in my car, I can pick you up at Shady Grove (end of the redline).

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