January 10th, 2009

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Picture request

 I remember that I saw the magazine scan of Japanese hime lolita wearing Angelic pretty's blue 'rose princess doll' jsk here in EGL.
But I cannot find the post anymore. Does anyone have this photo?
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New Lolita News Blog and Baby the Stars Shine Bright Pre-Order/International Shopping Change

As a month-long experiment in blogging (and way to retain the Japanese I've been losing), I decided to start a Lolita news blog that would focus on both Western and Japanese brand news, plus the occasional "soft feature" regarding the Western community. It's called Petit Four Press, and if the workload isn't too much I'll probably continue it at the end of the month. :)


My aim is to update once a day with a piece of Lolita-related news you can use.

For example, today's news is about Baby the Stars Shine Bright's update about their new Mariage Poupet pre-orders starting on the 13th, and their new overseas shopping system. They've also uploaded eight new items to their online store. Happy shopping! :)

Help please

Ok, so my boyfriend really quite likes lolita and wants to get a dress, but due to the fact that he's 6ft, very skinny and lacks breasts he's not really sure what would suit him.

So, are there any specific cuts/dresses you could think of that would look cool?

I'd appreciate any advice thanks ^_^
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