January 9th, 2009

EGA Picnic 5/09

Everyone's favorite, a photo request

The sewing bug has bit me again.  This time I want to try my hand at EGA.  I would love any Aristo pics you have.  I don't care what color, type (JSK, OP, blouse, skirt), brand or homemade.  I just want some pics for inspiration.  I'm currently looking at the Flicker account, but its proving to be a monumental task to look through.  Thanks always.
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I'm creating a pseudo, documentary-style short film for one of my last entries in my portfolio for film school this coming Fall of 2009. The topic is lolitas, because I think the style is relatively (or at least commercially) unknown and it'd be fresh. Plus, I think it'd be fun.

There are going to be many monologues going on--and I need help. I need a few sentences (a paragraph or two) about what it "means to be a lolita" or, more specifically, what it means to you; how you feel, how you act, why you're so fascinated by it, etc.

And, of course, if it's good I'll definitely add it to the video (your permission granted with the fact you posted, obviously.)

Please help? C: ty.

Picture Request

You girls must be getting so sick of these.

Anyway, I have my heart set on buying Angelic Pretty's Chiffon Princess Dress.  

http://angelicpretty.jp-stores.com/goods.cgi?act=goods_view&shop_id=we60157&goods_id=3549&cn=1&p=  <--- Dress on the Angelic Pretty site.

Unfortunantly, I can't seem to find any pictures of other's wearing it. Do any of you girls own the dress, and if so, may I see pictures to see what it actually looks like outside of the store and being worn?


A bit OT, but I could use your help. :3

This is a question posed to lolitas who sew their own lines/commission many pieces/just sew a lot in general. Or really anyone, I'm open to all comments/suggestions. I just thought they might know more about this.

I'm running all costumes an entire Renaissance Fair for my school in 3-4 months. (Please don't be angry, I know Renaissance does not equal lolita. I thought this was the only community I knew that would understand the complexities of sewing a period piece. :'3) I'm in charge of all costumes, so I'm going to have to produce around 25 to 40 costumes, depending on who can buy theirs and what not.

What is the easiest/most time effective way to produce a large amount of items in a good amount of time? Do you cut all pieces first, and mass produce through an assembly line type fashion? Or some other way?

This is a little off lolita in general, but this is the only group I know that might be able to answer some questions for me. We're a very diverse group of individuals, you see. ;D

Thanks for any input!


I'm coming out of lurking for a brief momment to tell you about a few thoughts I've had. It seems that many Lolita's here do not mind gaming as I've noticed a number of posts concerning things such as MMORPG's. So I thought to myself what about the Sims 2? It's a popular game, surely I can't be the only person who likes the Sims 2 and Lolita fashion.


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Loving cactus!

Art Post :D

Yaaaaay~ I'm finally accepted to the community. I'm so excited. I think I'm going to enjoy this community a lot ^^ So anyway :] I'm not much of a seamstress so I can't really make those pretty pretty loli clothes T_T I draw them (also because I can't really afford to buy a lot of them). =) So yeah ^^ Here are some of my work <3
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Freckles and Make-up?

I'm pretty sure there are plenty of freckled lolitas out there. :)
Every time I use foundations it looks obvious that I did put it on because of them freckles (especially when wanting a more natural look).

Therefore all I do is put on eyeliner and hope no one comments on my uneven colored skin! Haha.
How do yall deal with putting on make up?
Comments, advice, stories?

I worded things wrong. ^_^;;
I didn't mean to say I wanted to cover them all up, I just wanted to know if there was a make up that you can put on to even the skin tones, cover problem areas, and...not look you're wearing make up. xD;;;
Typically when I use foundation, concealer whatnot, it's obvious because people can see my make-up faded freckles.

Decent sized picture under cut (WARNING: I'M NOT WEARING LOLITA)
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