January 8th, 2009

Arizona Lolita Community?

Just so you know, I did try looking already...I found a few comments made by Lolis that implied they lived in AZ but I have not found an AZ community yet...is there one?
I am getting ready to visit and possibly move to Arizona and was hoping I could get in touch with some Lolis there...
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Current TV Piece on Goths&Lolitas

I searched the memories and couldn't tell if this has been posted before, so if it has please delete, mods. A good guy friend of mine actually posted this on my myspace profile, which was really sweet that he keeps on top of what I am into. It's a piece on Current TV that features some Lolitas and Tokyo Dark Castle footage, as well as some fashion show clips many of us have seen. Probably not the best piece ever done on the fashion, but it's nice lunchtime video though:)

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So, I love the Deco/Decoden thing, but have no room on my phone for it.
Same with my camera.
And the newest handheld gaming system I have is a Gameboy Color.
That said, because people don't Deco their printers or headphones... All I can do is look at the lovely, sweet-encrusted galleries of bespackeled electronics.

Oh, and I can make icons.
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Brand Watermarks

I noticed today that all of Baby's stock photos now have watermarks. I guess someone finally told them about all the ebay ripoffs and the like. But since they're new at it, they're not really thinking about strategic placement. I wish they wouldn't place the watermark on top the already-small detail shots like these.

That got me thinking about watermarks. I never paid much attention to them before because most brands place them out of the way in the corner. Meta has been using them for quite some time but places them off to one side which is nice for viewing but also easy to crop out. AP, J&J, and MM appear not to use any. IW also has them on every picture but it moves to different corners depending on the picture (like Meta). VM only puts their logo on when the picture has an actual model wearing the clothes.... curious. I could continue chronicling the watermark patterns of more brands but I'll stop here...

Anyway-- do watermarks matter to you?
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Juliette et Justine "size 2"?

Old question may be old question, but I couldn't find it via the search function, sooo -- does anyone own a "size 2" Juliette et Justine OP or JSK? I'm wondering if the larger size would comfortably fit 90/70 measurements and/or if the cut requires a slender frame?
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Picture Request~

I was wondering if anyone has pictures of the Bodyline fruits parlor replica OP being worn
and if you own it, please tell me what you what you think about it :D

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Terre Haute

Are there any loli's here from Terre Haute, IN?
I thought I saw someone in November at an art show... I'm still rather new to the whole thing, but I would really like to get together with some loli's for tea or something! ^_^
[Logo] Megwa Panda
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Anime Los Angeles Fashion Show

Hello everyone~ I had a great time at the ALA Fashion Show, and I'd like to share some photos will you all ^^
I actually didn't get to take too many photos because I was quite busy that day. I apologize! ><;
I'm also waiting to get the photoshoot pictures from the photographers, which I can't wait to share! In the meantime though, here are a few preview pictures of my own :)

Here is the lovely sweetcandyloli  wearing my Clockwork Enchantment JSK.

(Above photo by Liz Ohanesian)
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b4 the fame ;__;

Anna House Question

Hi egl!! I looked through the memories, but I couldn't find my answer...
I e-mailed Anna House on the 19th of December, but they have yet to get back to me.. I used g-mail, if you are wondering.
Collapse )According to their site, they say "bespoke any bigger size need additional costs".  So, how much more money is it? And, does it mean in any larger size than their site has listed?
Sorry if this is confusing ^_^; Any help will be appreciated!

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Name that Print! (Moitie)

ok. So, upon spending most of my holiday in Closet Child, scouring every store in Tokyo =_=
I came back with goodies, but the nice shop assisstants threw away the tags, and I have no idea
what these prints/ series are called or when they were released.

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