January 7th, 2009

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Interesting question...

Hey guys, I'm looking for some help so bare with me please! My boyfriend and I are going to be going to a couple of balls at our home anime cons this year and I really want to make a lolita dress and something nice for him to wear to go along with it.

Being a bigger girl however, I can't seem to find a pattern to my liking to alter in any way for me to make a dress...nor do I have any idea what his outfit should be, since I've never really done anything in this sense for men before.

So my questions are:

Does anyone have any pattern suggestions for an elegant dress for a ball?


Does anyone have a suggestion for a male going with me? I don't want us to look too different. If possible I'd like us to match in some sense. XD
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How long do items stay in stock?

I've got my eye on an AP dress that's been available for a while, but I'm trying to save up money for it. I'm worried that, by the time I finally get enough money, it'll be taken off the site.

Does anybody know how long I can expect a dress to stay in stock? Does it just depend on how well the certain dress sells? Idgi.

If anyone's curious, it's the Milky Way JSK.

South Florida Lolita Meet at Vizcaya

Hello egl, I'm organizing a lolita meet in South Florida (Miami). It will be on Sunday, January, 18th at 12PM. It costs $10 for admission plus some money for food costs. The main posts with details are here (main post) and here (people attending).

Vizcaya is one of the oldest estates in Miami and has a nicely decorated Italian Renaissance-style house with many kinds of gardens perfect for taking pictures! I hope you can join us and we can all make new lolita buddies!

Aurora art


As everyone knows, the economy isn't doing the best and so many of us don't have the extra money to be buying a ton of lolita, in addition to the fact that the dollar to yen conversion rate is pretty low, making it pretty expensive to order things directly from Japan.

So I'm wondering...
Are you still willing to pay high prices for your dream print? Are you willing to pay retail for a print that you really want, or are you waiting to see if you can find it cheap on auction? Are you more likely to buy homemade or commissions instead of brand to save some money and not deal with a bad conversion rate?

What would you be willing to pay a lot for? It seems to be different in Japan and the International Community... like, I haven't seen all that many people excited for the new bunny dress here, but it's on auction in Japan for around 70000 yen.

Just some random thoughts that I thought it might be interesting to discuss.

Art Post is Art...?

Hi there~ I have never posted my art work on egl before, because truth be told I don't draw Lolita that often. Nor do I work digitally very often... I'm more of a traditional impressionist and graffiti/muralist than anything else. :3

This was my most recent work though, and I'm so proud of it. There's like twenty thousand layers on it. xD


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