January 6th, 2009

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Family and Lolita

Now, I know that the question "what does your family think of lolita" has been asked a ZILLION times, so I'm not going there >D

What I mean to ask is, have your parents/family ever actually given you something lolita, or helped you with an outfit or something? I know there's girls who have mothers that sew and help them ... stuff like that.

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shoe sizing help!

Ok, I did look in the memories on this one but I'm still very very confused. I've been trying to buy some lolita boots but I'm confused on what the heck size to get. If I measure my feet they come to 26cm. However I'm a US size 9 and I've heard conflicting things on LL being 25cm but that people with size 9 1/2 feet can fit them. Also confused as I tried to convert to euro sizing and it came out bigger than I thought (I thought a US 9 was a EU 40?) Anyways, if anyone can advise me on sizing it would be really appreciated I'm so confused and worried about getting the wrong size. I've been wanting boots from secret shop or rose chocolate, but I can't figure this out. Also anyone know where to buy rose chocolate boots?


Should I be worried?

Has anyone ordered from Anna house in the past month? A recieved their stuff? It's been 4 and a half weeks now and I haven't recieved my dress, I'm getting a bit ticked off. So yeah, just wondering.
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I have a problem! My mother ordered an instant shippping coat from Fanplus Friend for my Christmas present. She order it on December 18 and I still haven't got yet. So I tried using the confirmation number to check my order and it wouldn't work. So I emailed fanplus asking about my order and they sent me the tracking number the next day. I went to check where my order could be and it says It's already delivered. Apparently it was sent to France, I live in the US. So naturally, I'm pissed and worried. My order was over $200 and when my mother finds out she going to be really pissed off at me, because she didn't want to get it for me in the first place. I sent them another email telling them what happened.

So my question is...Did anything like this happen to you? If so, was your problem resolved?
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what happened to the college lolita page?

I'll currently be starting at a new college and wanted to see if there were any lolitas attending but I couldn't find the lj dedicated to it. I think there may have even been two of them. I searched lj and egl memoirs but got nothing. Even the the master lolita egl list had no clues for me. Any help for an Otis bound lolita? XD
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Marsh Melony

Does anyone remember them? I think they used to be recommended for wigs,
but now I see they've branched into lolita.
Some of the pictures look like they are from elsewhere, but most of them have that same text border on it.
Anyone have info? Might be useful for lolitas looking for shoes.

edit: i am not buying anything. the link is for you all.
edit2: apparently overpriced and poor quality! I guess this post is a warning now!

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I've become very interested in buying rocking horse shoes recently, so I've been looking around. There were a pair on the community sales, but they had already been bought when I asked about them...

So I decided, hey, it might be better to buy new shoes anyways. I checked nana_jun and the shipping was outrageous, so I want to avoid shopping there...so I went to the dreaded eBay. Anyways, getting to my point, has anyone RECENTLY ordered from ling_lam/Little Chili Lolita Shop? Have you gotten your shoes? Did they scam you? Are they better now?

I really just want to know if they scammed you or not, not the quality. Thanks!

Lolita Manga List?

Building off of this post last updated in 2007...

I'm trying to host a panel at my local anime convention, Anime Central, and I'd like to hear some opinions...

What manga/books/magazines that are not on the list (in the link) have/are lolita related/inspired?
Also: This entry...

It does not just have to be manga! All print media available!!!
Whatever you can think of, whether it be scanned and subbed or just simply published.

Henry Lau 3

Secret Santa

There hasn't been a post made on this yet so I think that we should screw good ol' tradition and spill about who we got for Secret Santa.

So, let's spill!

Also, this could be a good way to see if everyone's gotten their secret santa items yet.

Fill out this form:

Name of who you got: 
Have you received your SS gift?

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ps. @ mods: is this okay?  if it's not, I'll quickly delete it . ^^

pps: sorry, i had to remove the html thing for usernames.  it wasn't working for me.
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photos from victoria's castle + others

hello!  last week, i visited victoria (BC, canada) and i thought id share some photos.
especially because i had the opportunity for a photoshoot in one of the castles! 
i was cosplaying lycoris from mihara mitsukazu's "doku hime" (princess poison), but it's more of a shiro loli + red wig so i hope it's okay ^ ^;;;
there are also a few other photos in different cordinations and locations---unforunately, tamulove oneesama couldnt come with me cuz she was in HK (> <)  sorry!!

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Meta Winter Lucky Pack 08

I know there was another post with some of the contents of Meta's Lucky Pack, but I seemed to have some different things that people might be interested to see. :)

For those wondering, these are the contents of Lucky Pack A and B.
There's also a story under cut! :)
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Cool Bonnet Tutorial

So, I've been interested in making bonnets for awhile now, but couldn't seem to a) figure it out or b) afford it. But as I have returned to this effort for a creative project for college, I did a search and found this really cool bonnet making tutorial for making a classic-style bonnet out of a cheap straw hat--sewing optional. I plan on trying it when I get the funds/drive time, but I thought I'd share it with you since the results (as seen below) are quite lovely!:

tutorial here.

If this has been posted before(checked the memories and didn't see it), please feel free to delete.