January 5th, 2009

Cute Vid!

I found this cute vid on the Tube of You! If I'm not mistaken, the girl is wearing BtSSB! So cute! The vid is about the Sweets Deco fad for cell phones/DS's/Anything else. I figured it would be great not only to see a cute lolita, but also for people interested in sweets stuff to get ideas. It's all in japanese with no subtitles though.

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Angelic Pretty: Miracle Candy Series

For you Angelic Pretty fans with shopping services or friends in Japan, AP is now accepting pre-orders for their new spring '09 Miracle Candy series (on their Japanese site only).

They're accepting pre-orders until 1/11, and if you're curious, here's what the Miracle Candy line looks like. It includes an OP, 2 JSKs, a skirt, handbag, headbow and socks, all with a cute print that has a lot of candy but lacks any feats of religious might on the part of said candy. ;)

(I don't believe anyone's posted about this already, but please let me know if someone has.)
Dirty Thoughts

Meta lucky packs...what'd you get?

I just got my first ever Meta lucky pack in the mail today. I'm at work so I can't post pictures (I will edit that in later), but I got a black with gray pin stripe jsk, a pair of bloomers, and a pair of socks. Also there was this skirt lining thing in there too..I guess that goes with the jsk.

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What did you get?

Cyperous wigs stops shipping overseas

Yeah, you heard me.

"We would like to cease the oversea delivery,because of our own convenience.
We appreciate very much your use with us in long term.

cyperous inc.

So basically they've been pulling a Fairy-Angel except they actually went through with it :/
Anyone have any additional info? Do you guys think we should start a petition of sorts to tell them to keep it open? Does anyone have a contact email or could anyone contact them in japanese?

I'm bummed, the site was still up yesterday and I was planning on doing a small group order soon :/

(I know this isn't directly related to lolita but since there's been a lot of talk about them on here lately I thought I'd give you guys a heads-up)
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Reminiscing 2008

(I don't think this has been discussed yet, so do correct me if it has.)

Though 2009 is already upon us, what did 2008 significantly hold for you in the lolita fashion? Did you discover lolita for the first time? Did you leave gothic style for sweet? Did you acquire your dream dress? Attend your first meet-up, or host one?

Good or bad, I'd like to hear it from you guys. :)
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so I went to a tea party yesterday at "An Afternoon to Remember" in Newcastle, California with family and decided to dress somewhat Lolita. I am missing the petticoat though, which would have made the outfit look a lot better. My petticoat that I have shreds tights, so I opted not to wear it.

outfit rundown:
headband: dollar store XD
necklace: something I've had since I was little
cardigan and shoes: Target
blouse: Mervyn's
skirt: goodwill
tights: Raleys XDDDD

I am thrifty ^w^

comments and criticisms welcome ^-^

2 questions

Does anyone know the measurments for Baby's red riding hood skirt? (i've searched the community, but couldn't find it).

I also would like to know if Baby made some ads for the red riding hood series? (maybe in the GLbible, or on the website?)

If anyone has photo's / streetsnaps of models or themselves wearing anything from the riding hood series, i would love to see it.

Thankyou ^^

AP Lucky Packs?

Fist off, have they been released yet? I haven't heard anything about them but just saw an AP "new years lucky bag" in the comm sales so I assume they have been.

And also, does anyone know what they look like this year?  Like I know the format... usually 2 differently priced packs in pink, blue, or black. And they are made specifically for lucky packs, not leftover items like more brands.  But from what I've seen, they vary slightly from year to year.  I remember last year someone posted a small ad scan with the items and I was wondering if anyone has any ads from this years? or their own pics.


Do you ever feel self conscious when you go out in lolita? I have a shy nature so thats a yes for me but I ussualy get alot of compliments. Today was the 1st time I was told something mean.. and it was my boyfriends mom! She said "What ARE you wearing?? You actually wear that in public... WOW.. thats weird.."

Im not even wearing like super cute outrageous colorful lolita that stands out like crazy either! Im wearing :

~rocking horse Montreal shoes (black)
~Moi Meme Moitie black socks with white crosses
~black and white plaid skirt (3 tiered)
~white baby doll shirt with a cross on it
~black and white stripped scarf
~panda bag

and my black cardigan. Point is... this is the least "stand out"ish lolita outfit I've EVER worn and she made me feel like I was dressing like a mad woman! Sigh. Sorry I just wanted to let that out. -________-;;
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Tea Time

I had heard about a tea room that opened up in my city, and wanted to check it out, so myself and a couple of friends met on Friday to have tea and scones. It was such a nice place, and I hope we get the chance to do it again. Here are some outfit shots from the day. Please enjoy!

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h.Naoto is having a SALE!

h.Naoto is having a 30% - 50% off sale!  I don't know how long it's going on for, but its definitely new within the last couple hours (I went to the s-inc site earlier today and didn't see all the slashed prices)

Unfortunately, the sale is only on the Japanese site, and since they have a separate English site (no sale there) they don't do overseas shipping.  So, I'm wondering if there is a Japanese located lolita who would be willing to a shopping service/ group sale.
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AP and BtSSB Winter 2009 LP content images

Lots of people seem to either not know how to navigate Y!J or are just lazy.  I am usually the latter of the two, and everytime LP season hits, I'm curious about the contents without wanting to do the work, so I thought I'd NOT be lazy for once and post up some pics from the auctions I found while going thru Y!J today to 1) do something nice for the confused/lazy and 2) alleviate some of my boredom.

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Dear egl community,
my friend is looking for the drama(she said its a drama)which contains this picture:
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does anyway knows where this is from?

thanks in advance :)

edit: it was an photoshoot after all 
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Photo Post: The NYC Private Christmas Party!

A very Happy New Year to everyone!

Back on December 13th, over 30 Lolitas and their guests gathered at the Victorian tea house Lady Mendl's for a private party that featured a champagne toast, sit-down dinner, raffle and gift exchange. It was an amazing experience for me to see so many of us all together, looking lovely and having fun in such a nice place. Thank you all again for coming!

About the photos: After her success with the summer party, I hired friend and photographer stratamander again to cover this one, and am glad I did. :) It was hard for me to narrow down the photos to just 50, and I hope you enjoy them as well.

And a big thank you also goes to our generous raffle sponsors, who sent in prizes from their own companies or lines. You can learn more about them at the end of this post, or visit their websites below. Please check them out if you get a chance!

Velvet Sparkle
Studio Milky Way

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