January 4th, 2009


Elastic waistband treatment

How does Brand or very high quality off-brand deal with their full elastic waists? I've been sewing the casing on while flat, inserting the elastic in one side seam and pulling it through to the other, then serging/overlocking the side seam and casing in one step. Is there a better/nicer/more professional way that I should be doing this? I don't own anything with an elastic waist that I didn't make myself to check how various companies do it. I've seen some Western pattern instructions call for applying the waistband in the round, ie both skirt or pants and waistband are sewn into a circle. Apparently one leaves an inch or two unsewn to put the elastic in through, hand whipstitches the elastic together, then completes the casing. This seems like a pain and not necessarily any less bulky or neater looking, but if it really is The Way To Do It, I'll use it for this project I'm completing.

Empire Line Lolita Dresses

I was wondering of anyone, either brand or off brand does this style? as i have been trawling sites for months and can't find anything at all! JSKs or onepieces, either would do.
Can anyone direct me to a site with these? I prefer gothic lolita or all white.
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 Has anyone gotten lucky packs from BTSSB or Angelic Pretty?  (I saw pics of one BTSSB packs on daily_lolita).  I'm thinking about getting one on ebay and was curious what might be in them, especially AP.

*EDIT* I mean specifically what have people gotten in this year's winter packs, not general "what comes in lucky packs?"
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Sharing: different colored versions of Meta's background

I made a few different colored versions of Meta's current background. Originally I just wanted one to match my journal but I got a bit carried away and saved the ones that turned out well.

No need to credit. These are for personal use only. Upload to your own server. Hope you enjoy!

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As an aside, anyone know what happened to jcoordinate? The community seemed like it had been pretty active as of late so I was surprised to see it was deleted.
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Mr Yan is surprised

Sorry If this is not allowed, I just laughed out very hard when I read this

from bodyline:

The travel of Nadia
Nadia reached narida airport. And she gives Mr.Yan a big surprise. Because 2 bodyguards and 1 manager come,too. The 3 men are her father,brother and relative. Her family are worring about her. Because this is her first time come to japan.

what would you do if mr Yan invited you to dinner? 

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Back to 1800... a Journey to the Past~ PART 2

A few days ago, riona_chan posted the first part of our photoshoot on a steam train. We'd like to thank everyone so much for the sweet comments, we really appreciate them! <3

So here's part II of the photoshoot. Some pictures didn't turn out as nice as we had hoped, because a lot were over exposed...
But we wanted to post them anyway, because we still had a few nice ones! And pictures of us together. The previous post was lacking those ^^

So here we go!


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Thank you for watching! Enjoy~
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Any lolita tangueras out there?

I got into an Argentine Tango group at my college and I was wondering if there were any lolitas in Argentina or elsewhere who wear lolita to dance tango. If there are, why do you wear it or not for dancing? I like to wear it because I like the way the skirts move but I don't have any pictures. My teachers don't like it because they can't see my feet to see if I'm doing my footwork right! XD
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