January 3rd, 2009


EGL secret santa-first group

Is there a reveal list or anything up. My package was delivered Dec 8th..have not heard anything at all about it. I also have not received a package from my ss yet. Is the person running this checking whether to see if people sent/ received? so i ask..whats going on EGL Secret Santa?
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ALA - Mini photoshoot

Snowwhite7sins and I went to Anime L.A Yesterday, despite how lame it was, we managed to snap a few shots on the pool deck. Too bad all the anime nerds where behind us, the scenery would have been nice. Can't really complain though, we got in for free!

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Alessandro XVIII

Question about lucky packs: are they a good deal?

I was looking for angelic pretty lucky packs for sale and I was curious if it was a good idea to get one or if what was in it might not be very good. Do they always include full outfits? Does anyone know what might be in the new 2009 ones? Is there anyone who bought a lucky pack before and would like to tell me about their experience it? Is $300 a reasonable price? How much do they cost from the store? I've never bought one before and don't know what to expect, so anyone's input on the subject would be much appreciated. b