January 2nd, 2009

Ruby Unhappy

Alternative Auction Site To Ebay?

Well, as we all know, ebay went down the toilet. I can't find the original post, but something about if an item costs over $100, the seller doesn't access the funds until the buyer says they received the item. Of course, they could just lie and keep the item without having to pay. Plus, not being able to leave negative feedback for buyers is ridiculous. There used to be a lot of awesome stuff on ebay, but since they're screwing over their sellers, there haven't been that many at all.

Etsy and Amazon have replaced ebay for me, but it would be really nice if I could find an alternative auction site. Apparently, yahoo auctions is retired. Any suggestions?
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Tall Lolita's?

Are there alot of loli's that are 5'8", or taller? And do you have problems with finding dresses, or skirts that are long enough? I searched, but wasn't able to find much on the subject.

Thanks for the info. from everyone! It really did help me out :)
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Hi everyone, i'm orderingCollapse ) from bodyline and im wondering if anyone has it to tell me how it fits, also the quality. If anyone has pictures of it worn that would be fantastic too!
Thanks so much for your help!

Pictures of Isobe?

Most of us have seen pictures of Maki, Angelic Pretty Designer.
But I've never seen a picture of the man who designs for BABY?
I kind of want to see what he looks like. Ok, I REALLY want to know what he looks like.
Does anyone know?

Scammer allert! olyathensaid

So there was a bodyline group order on the 10th. That is when a lot of the peoples paypal payments went through. olyathensaid Was the person who ran it and this is the second post about this order. She is not responding to the few people I PMed that did the order as well as me. When I got e-mail from her a little over a week ago she stated that she would send out the invoice for the shipping cost, but she never sent them out. This is mainly a post to say I am fed up and I would like to find her see what is going on.

Edit: oh and I also found out she has a few e-mails. I wonder if she has done this before and got banned.

Sorry if this doesnt make sense. I am typing with one hand because Kaorte is dyeing my hair >.
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Atelier Ingenue Test Piece

Hey all! I haven't posted in forever omg. Since I've been on semester break and had time to work on some sewing, I'd like to show everyone a new dress i just finished. It's a test piece for my website, where it will be available in three different sizes and two different colors. This one is a size small, in blue.

Because it's a test piece, it does have some flaws T_T;; but the point of a test is to get the kinks out before making more! So there will be no mistakes in the future. ^^

So without further ado, here it is:

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