January 1st, 2009

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This is just a quick question. I ordered from bodyline 3 days ago and they have not sent me a tracking number yet. I got the email confirming the order so i assume it went through. I would think one of these days would have been the next business day which is when they promise a tracking number. Should i be worried? I emailed them about it and have not got a reply. Have any of you ordered recently and not received a tracking number?  I'm quite worried since my last order was in the midst of the holidays and i still got the tracking number less than 24 hours later. Thanks for any info.

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hello everyone! i just bought a Swan Embossed Purse with Detachable Strap in pink...I was looking for something basic and small and it looked like a good match..just had a couple questions. it looks like a wallet ..with a strap...is that so? and also does anyone have a pic of themselves wearing it with the strap attached?

Furthest North Lolita?

I used the search function on egl to answer my question, but came up with very old posts or deleted lj users.

Is there any lolitas left in Alaska? Specifically Fairbanks, though I am considering making a trip down to Anchorage this coming summer and maybe even for Aurora Con in September. Please contact me if you're in AK and like to do a meet-up!


H&M Sale Finds!

I don't know how long the sale is going for, but at least at the Southcenter Mall H&M here in Seattle, there's a bunch of stuff discounted from the regular price that is also buy one get one free! And some of it is loliable. I thought I'd share my finds today. (I dress classic/goth/punk/like people think the French dress, so keep that in mind.)


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Quality of Ebay Sellers?

I adore lolita but have yet to actually purchase a dress. I have to admit the the dresses I've seen on Ebay look lovely and the prices are tempting, but how is the quality? I've seen posts saying that some sellers use stock photos and end up shipping poor-quality replicas or that they fall apart easily. I don't have a lot at the moment to spend, but I'm all too eager to start off my collection. Does anyone know of any reputable Ebay sellers that sell at least decent quality dresses for the price? Or am I better off starting elsewhere?

I appreciate it. :) 
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Anna House Shipping time.

EGL I need your help!

Does anyone know how long it will take Anna House to ship to New Zealand (Overseas)?
All I coud find on the website was that they use air express-mail.
Which flies over my head into the land of 'whut?'.
I tried using the search function on EGL but that didn't want to work either, maybe I used the wrong keyword?

Any little bit of information (eg how long they actually take vs. how long they say it will take) will be helpful!
As I need to decided if I am going to order from them in hopes that it will arrive before chinese new year.
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Double Decker contact?

About a month ago during the free shipping offer I placed an order for two pairs of shoes (Rubber Sole and the RHS with tassels I believe). They said that they did not have any in stock but they could hold my order until the shoes have arrived and I would still have the free shipping available, and they sent me an invoice which I paid.

However, I have not heard from them. I sent them an email on 22 December 2008 but I have yet to hear a reply from them. The New Year's holiday starts today until 3 January but still it has been a week without a reply.

Has anyone received a reply from them recently or gotten shoes? Or have they just really been backlogged on orders due to Christmas and the free shipping deal? I don't believe a company would cheat me out of my money or anything but if the shoes aren't in stock yet I want my money back as I put in money for a pair of shoes for my friend as well.

Thanks girls! :)
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Anna House problem....still

I posted a while back (before xmas) about an order I had placed at Anna House for a dress and a blouse and my question was answered - be patient and wait for a reply. We placed the order about 3 weeks ago and my dad hasn't even had a confirmation email, he hasn't sent any money or anything.
We're both getting a bit concerned (me = annoyed) as it's meant to be my christmas present x.x
We've emailed a few times and still no reply, are any of you guys having the same problem? And if so did you resolve it and how?

Thanks guys x