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Very nervous and would be grateful for coord critique!

I'll be attending my very first large-scale Lolita event in December, and planning my coord is making me quite nervous, so I would be really grateful for any advice from other Lolitas.

I wanted the coord to have a slightly vintage "garden tea party" feeling. My biggest concern is the hat. Would a canotier/boater or bergère style hat be best, or should I go with an entirely different headpiece (suggestions welcome!)? For the hat I have one that is taupe-coloured straw, and the other is regular cream/yellowish. The brim diameter on both is aproximately 12 inches.

For accessories I was thinking of, besides the hat and gloves, a simple pearl necklace and the Juno's Bouquet bracelet, but would that be too casual? And finally, are the nylon stockings too simple for legwear? I was thinking of painting matching rose bouquet details on the knees, 1920's style, but that seemed to have too many technical difficulties and risks (chipping, blurring, dripping, goopy paint, staining...).

Any other observations/suggestions/ideas are very much appreciated!

Thank you for all your help!
The images I upload don't seem to be working, so here's a link to the coord on Polyvore Sorry for the trouble!
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