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Lolita print minitrend: Master Dective

I recently spotted a tendency of Sherlock Holmes themed prints.

I think Haenuli's version is pretty, but not something I would self wear, especially I find the other colourways too busy, Tartan is not my thing.

I actually like all the versions of AttP's print, it is super detailed, but not over top, secondly the have chosen some flattering cuts to it. Sadly eneough I can't fit any of them.

I don't know why they call it black/black, it's grey.
Anyway the print also exists in brown, dusty green.

What about a dective hat?!

My personal favorite Violet Fane's version is dark and gothic. And that capelet. I want it.
But the items are already sold out.
That do you think about these kind of prints?
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