July 16th, 2008

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Loli Kids?

I have a little cousin who loves my dresses. Her birthday is coming up and I was hoping to get her her very own lolita dress. Are there any places out there that make specifically lolita dresses for kids? 

Thanks for any help!

Vancouver Lolita Picnic/Fireworks

Originally uploaded by Foxtongue
Where: English Bay
When: Wensday July 23rd 2pm onwards till end of fireworks.
Why: Because english bay is beautiful, near food, has grass and the fireworks rock.
How: Anytime between 2pm and the fire works. Look for me on the grassy hill, under the trees by the big white building, also known as the boat house.
What: Bring a dish to share. Please make it savory not sweet. Heat + sweets makes for upset tummies and tons of left overs. Make sure to stay hydrated and bring a drink!

Who's with me?
Who:momosugarhime, loli_scarecrow , prince_du_ciel

Otakon Loli Swap Meet !

Hey Everyone !
Well for us East Coast Loli's Otakon is only a few short weeks away ! *hurray*
And in the process, I thought it might be cool to organize a Swap Meet as part of the meet up being organized here:
I do slightly remember someone mentioning they might want to organize one earlier in the year, but I haven't seen much update on that and or it's that swap meet is happening at the tea party (but if I am getting the wrong information and or something has already been organized, please let me know and I'll delete this)

But in general, would anyone be interested?
Here's things I might have to swap if we do this...
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advice for a new loli?

HIHI! I just discovered Lolita fashion through a friend of mine and I'm totally hooked! I found this group when I did a google search on Momo's handicrafts. I was all set to buy from them and so was a friend of mine until I read your terrible reviews. Then my Loli friend confirmed that Momo's is bad stuff! Thanks for saving me from Momo's, girls!

So my question to you is where do I get all the good stuff? I've found some websites like Baby the Stars Shine Bright (of course) but I've seen references to other places that I don't know about. Any advice for a newbie? And I'd also love feedback on your experience buying internationally since I've never done that before and I'm a bit nervous. Any help you can give would be appreciated!
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Just a reminder! The ULTIMATE LOLITA FASHION SHOOOOOW at Otakon is officially set for Friday evening at 5:30 to 7pm in Panel Room 3. Directly afterward, the models will be lined up in the hallway outside for about 15 minutes, where people can get a better look (but no touching!) at some of the show outfits, and ask more detailed questions if they didn't get the chance to inside the panel room.

See you there!

just some pics to share...

hi all, thank you for ur support and wonderful comments^^

im truely sorry for the confusion, thanks for ur understanding and not getting pissed at my noobness xD

this is a shoot organised by my friend n i was invited last minute, hope my whole look will b up to ur standards especially after all the hype...hope u wont b dissapointed...
but i had loads of fun and i think tat is the most impt part of it all<3

i shall post just a few(and those without my full face) as my internet connection is acting up zzz....
(n i look like a marshmellow in these colours n puffy cuttingT-T)

preview lol!

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Basket Purse!

I saw this basket at a thrift store for $2 and decided to pick it up. Inspired by some purses by BABY, I thought I could make a really cute summer bag!

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I ran some wide grosgrain ribbon through an open part in the basket's weave, attached some cotton lace and made the lining for inside the basket which is gathered at the top with some more grosgrain ribbon!

I think it turned out really nice! <3 and it cost me under $10 total to make!

Photo Review of Tea Party Replicas

I took photos of the old Secret Shop / Antenna Tea Party style replica shoes, lined up with the new Secret Shop Tea Party / Enamel style replica shoes. Both of these are replicas made by Secret Shop, of original designs from Angelic Pretty.
I know the new designs have actually been available for a while, but I thought it would be interesting to see how far these have changed.

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I'm also curious to see how the replicas look in comparison with the real deal.

My Summer Sewing Projects

I'm moving the 26th and i wont have access to a sewing machine for. . . until i can get the cash together to buy one in between living expenses and tuition BUT when i do i'm ganna get a freaking bas ass machine that'll do embroidery and everything! (and maybe open an online store after that, idk depends on my schedule when school starts)

but anyway, since my moving plans i went crazy getting together all the last minuet stuff, and i wanted to share with you my summer sewing projects X3

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Gothic Lolita novel??

So hey guys...

What's this about?

It's by Dakota Lane...I've never heard of her. What do you think of her books? Do you think this one will be ok?

(And yes, I have already searched the community, but sorry if this ends up a repeat.--It appears it was. I really did search and somehow did not come up with these posts?!)