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March 1st, 2008 
01:14 am - fanime 2008
pink hair
 i'm going this year to see an cafe.... any lolita events? i fail at fnding things like this out without all your help.

I searched memories and and EGL search, but I was wondering why the head bow on Anna House is more expensive than their bloomers...Just something thats been troubling me, not badly, just sparking curiosity really....If i missed this question being asked before, I am terribly sorry, I really did look for this before!
Thanks to anyone who helps me out, Have a wonderful evening!


P.S. - Also what are most peoples thoughts on head bows, are they to terribly uncomfortable? Again, thanks for everyones help and inputs! I sincerely appreciate it.
A few tips/ suggestions/ items for lolitas that may not have the means to order from overseas, or the budget.
Be it lack of money, living in a country with weird ass import laws, etc, there are ALWAYS ways to get around not being able to buy brand (or not much brand, anyway) even if your sewing skills are zero, or next to nilch.

(And yes, yes my photoshop capabilities are that of a three year old.)

Pictures ahoy!Collapse )

Edit: It seems some people without Forever 21's in their area are interested in a shopping service for the sweaters/ blouses/ some of the items in this post, so if you are interested, just hit me up and I'll try to find the item for you. :)
11:59 am - you & lolita
Okay, we all had the MY BOYFRIEND post of boys and lolita, so I am spurred to ask, because I'm not sure if I've seen it here (if it's a constant repeat, I apologize):

What is YOUR reaction when you see a girl in loli?
First reaction. Impulses, what you actually do, what you want to do, etc. I know that a great deal of the people on here live in areas where they might go months without seeing another loli, so I'm wondering, when you do, what's your automatically, visceral, reaction to a spotting of lolitica frillianus?

Personally...Collapse )

Whoa, okay. Maybe it needs to include not only when you see one in person but also in random media - like the posts that show up here when someone spots one in games or music videos, etc.
12:58 pm - Sidebow Samples
VM thought

As you may recall, a few month ago I set up a couple of polls gaging the need for western lolita sewing patterns. I'm proud to report that I haven't been slacking off, and the first pattern is almost ready to go. Here's a few samples I made of the mini-sidebow pattern of the 4 variations available in one package.

Four mini-sidebows for every occasion (+12)Collapse )
Dragon twins
Hi everyone, I've been a long time customer of Mai's... ever since 2006. So it surprised me when she said she would stop her auction service completely due to having to do housework.

Has anyone got the same message lately?

(I have read the earlier post on Mai, I just didn't think she would stop her service completely, and for a long-time customer, too.)
Just as a reminder the April Chicago Lolita event will be held April 13, 2008, 2:45 PM.

If you have not already stated your intentions to come, speak now or forever hold your peace. Details concerning the event can be seen here. I am making the reservation on Sunday so this is it folks!

The following is a confirmed list of attendees. Only comment if you are canceling your reservation or you want to confirm additional people in your party:

Confirmed Attendees
kotsuki +2
paillettes (w/ Vegetarian option)
little_yew +1 (w/ Vegetarian option)
maramanson +1
pour_me_coffee+1 (???)

And don't forget you can still make a reservation for Galena right here!!!
I've never really been one of those "must get the brand"-girls, I enjoy making them myself =3

I managed to obtain some really pretty lockets today, and some velvet ribbon.

My pink pearls arrived about a week ago. But being in the terribly sour, confused and angry mood I was I didn't dare try and create something.

Feeling a bit better today, so I made something with a warm and gentle feel to it.

I hope you all like it :)

The End.

05:54 pm(no subject)
Seems like amusement park prints are in this season. I wonder how many brands are going to release carnival themed prints too?

so, which one do you think looks better?
my bunny

Last week I have been sewing like crazy to get a complete outfit finished to sell on a gothic/fantasy event tomorrow.
I am really glad it is finished now, and I am happy with the results. 
So I thought it might be fun to show it here to. Please tell me what you think.

meta, lolita
We often tell people they can have garments commissioned if buying japanese brand clothing isn't an option, but without knowing where to turn, that advice doesn't help; so here's a list of links to websites/LJs of people taking commissions.
Please note that this database is neither exhaustive nor perfectly up-to-date; keep in mind that a commissioners' availability is subject to change.
It is also crucial to research any seamstress/tailor further should you be interested in commissioning them, as I cannot keep track of their feedback, nor guarantee the quality of their work or customer service.

last updated: January 29th, 2013.

List of seamstresses/tailors available for commission, in alphabetical orderCollapse )

Additional info can be found in the comments to this post, so please check them out.

If you have more links to add, any additional details (if commissions are limited to certain types of garments, for example), links to reviews for each seamstress/tailor, or if you'd like to be taken off the list, please drop me a comment on this post and I'll edit it asap.
09:00 pm - Bodyline
pretty pretty shoes
Remember those nice Bodyline dresses we were discussing a few weeks ago? Well, I decided I'm already in debt anyway, so I should get one. See what you think of it.

thisCollapse )
09:12 pm(no subject)
she brought cake [Ouran]
I went back to Singapore for Chinese New Year and met up with tokyoalicia, javvie, aserett and yueqian for a shopping trip! Image heavy picspam under the cut.

omg it's raining! PROTECT THE PARASOLSCollapse )
10:23 pm(no subject)
AP magic1

I've never seen anyone mention this site so I thought I might bring it up


They carry bodyline for cheaper than cosmates.

on the side of the page you pick the currency and this dress showed up as US $89.05 while on cosmates it is US $131

Any thoughts?

EDIT:  So I realize that bodyline is having a sale right now but I meant this more as a bookmark for future reference although it turns out that at least one person has had bad experience with them.  I might still order in the future though as I can't afford to take advanatage of the sale right now and if I do I'll be sure to review it.
You guys saw my post the other day about the lobster dress which was like a prototype of the style I wanted to wear to my Godsister's wedding. So here is my post about the dress I made for the wedding. I mixed elements from the Miho Matsuda dress that I showed in my last post and a victorian maiden dress. 

10:56 pm(no subject)
my hair

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