February 5th, 2008

Headsup, BTSSB interview in Haute Doll

Haute Doll Magazine's next issue (April 2008) will be coming out soon. This issue has some very special items in that are not just about doll things, it's about fashion (lolita specifically) and art and photography, too.

There is an interview that Becky and I did with Baby, The Stars Shine Bright's Mr. and Mrs. Isobe. It's about their designs in general (not just about their doll clothes). We talk about their inspirations and how they work. In addition to this one there is some info on how the lolita fashion evolved with little drawings. :)
Thank you again to everyone who helped point us in the right direction regarding early lolita fashion on these, specifically you guys (EGL) and the Danslesalon LJ, and veilchenblau and neuromance.
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Does anyone know the brand Pleu Voir?

I bought a shirt from a secondhand store a while back for something like $10. Looking at it again, it's a cutsew, I think! The lace trim on it is way nicer than what you'd normally get on American shirts--far more similar to the stuff I've been on burando clothing. I've just never heard of the brand Pleu Voir. I can't find any info online, other than a person on eBay selling a Pleu Voir cardigan and saying it was imported from Japan. Has anyone seen this brand before?

Either way, my shirt was a steal at $10. ^_^

Thanks in advance!
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One second of Chocolate Lolita on CBS

I just found this segment by CBS covering the 2007 NY Chocolate Fashion Show. In parts of seconds 58 and 59, you can see our Chocolate Lolita model, Jade, strutting down the runway. I'm still trying to find Al-Jazeera, Discovery Channel, and NHK segments. If anyone finds these, PLEASE let me know!

The model that they're interviewing was sooooo miserable in that flower petal outfit. I have photos of her (as well as one other model) looking like they're going to cry just as we were ready to hit the runway. :(

Edited for misery content!
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New JSK & Coat! And a Nana_jun custom sizing review

So my IW jumper showed up yesterday after a long while of worrying. And my Baby replica coat arrived today, where I ran out in the rain in winter barefoot to go snatch it from the hands of my mailman. Anyway, I felt like sharing pictures for once, so onwards!

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My coat I got custom made from nana_jun so I figured I'd write a review about her custom measurement services

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questions about lolita terminology

he everyone! this is my first post on egl, and i just had a couple of questions ^_^

i'm new to the non-japanese lolita scene, and there is all this vocabulary that i've never heard before... bro-litas, fro-litas, ita-litas, etc. where names like this come from, and what do they all mean? also, doesn't anybody find any of these offensive??

i don't mean to stir up controversy, but i'm really curious! what do people think of these, and what types of non-japanese loli are there??

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Anime Boston : Lolita Attendance ?

Hello everyone ~~~
I was gonna post this on the anime boston community, but that seems a tad dead, so thought this was the best place to post. I wanted to see how many of everyone here was possibly going to Anime Boston (if any I hope). The lolita centered events seem very lacking so far this year (unlike last year). Because if we have a big amount of lolita attendance maybe, a tea party/gathering?
anyway, give me a comment if anyone might be going !
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(no subject)

Has anyone seen the H&M heart purse yet? I've seen on-line pictures of it but want to know the quality before I drag myself out to the inconveniently placed H&M here. I personally like it better than Baby's design and am really interested in getting it. Just wonder if there's any reviews etc.

here's a picture for those curious. I havn't been able to find much information on it.

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Website Request

A while ago someone posted a comment about an offbrand shop that had been making and selling rocking horse shoes that came in colors such as purple, blue and metallic pink.

I tried using the new google search function and looked through the memories to see if someone had put it in there but still couldn't find the post.

Could anyone give me the link to this site please?

Thank you very much~!

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Lolita in Publisher's Weekly

Publishers' Weekly has just published a new article about "Lolita Culture", based on an extensive interview she did with some of the lolitas at NYAF. She uses quotes mainly from cupcakecadaver, but also from bejipan and myself. It's pretty short but mostly she got it right and didn't really twist anyone's words around. It's also very possibly the first article on Lolita that mentions cattiness in the online communities, haha.

Here it is:
Lolita Culture: An Introduction

Hello Everyone! I'm looking for any religious prints......

This spring I will finally be getting confirmed at my church, and I have to find a formal outfit to wear for the occasion.

So I thought, why not buy a lolita dress with religious prints instead of spending all the money on something I'd wear once and forget about?  :D

Honestly, though, it has been really hard for me to find such prints, so I thought I'd ask the nice girls on EGL to lend me a hand.

(Just thought I'd state this isn't a buying post because I know that belong in the comm. sales. I'm only looking for photos at the moment.)

Now, I know Baby has a jsk and a skirt with religious themed appliques right now, but it seems too busy for church. I believe they did a printed OP with crosses, if I'm not mistaken?

Thank you for all your help. Edit: Sorry everyone, I forgot to mention that it would have to come in a light print. Very sorry...
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Are UK Customs 'clearance fees' fair?

Forgive me if this isn't considered relevant, but I know a lot of us get hit by customs fees, particularly on high-cost items like brand clothing, and in the UK they are particularly harsh.

I'm in the UK, and I recently got a nice little note through the door informing me that I had to pay £20 for the privelege of having to go and pick up my parcel from the depot.

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Loli Princess

They're Out

Just wanted to give everyone the heads up that the TokyoPop GLBs are showing up in stores.


(And no I haven't gotten to read it yet and therefore no I don't have any opinions on it... yet.)
Zorak in a Wig

Fabric Shopping In Japan?

I'll be traveling to Kyoto next month, and I'm planning on purchasing lots and lots of Loliable fabric. However, I don't speak Japanese or know if Japanese fabric stores operate differently than the ones I'm familiar with.

Any advice or helpful phrases you could help me out with? Thanks in advance!

Non Traditional Lolita Design Contest: Round two info

Alright, due to a good response I will be starting another round up this coming thursday. Themes going into the "bag" will be non traditional colors and also a new addition of not so lolita animal motifs! Now before I get started I need a few things from you

1. 2 week timeline okay or do you want shorter say a week or a week and a half?

2. Picture Size requirement?

3. As I have said before, I NEED help with these prize boxes. I am looking for non style specific items such as books, stationary, bath items such as soaps and bath salts etc, tea and related items. Also, if you are a commissioner and would be interested in doing something pro-bono that would be great. Please email me at wounded_ocean@yahoo.com ( please do not post your email address in the comments saying " I can give this -----------------" because that gets hard to keep track of so please just drop me a quick email and let me know what you can do ^_^) For thos interested your investment would be no more then 5-7 dollars.

4. This is still going to be a design only contest, I may host one that involves sewing in the future but it is evident that a design only contests allows many more people to participate.