January 1st, 2008

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lolita-related New Year's resolutions?

Happy New Year everyone!
Now I haven't made a New Year's resolution this year, but I thought, what if I made a lolita-related one, and ask everyone else to share theirs? (Or more than one!)
I figured it'd be a nice, fun way to usher in the New Year; come on everyone, share your lolita-related New Year's resolutions with the community! :D
(They don't have to be serious either.)

Here are mine:
- Host more dinner parties, and make more cakes and soufflés.
- Try to stop wanting to buy every cheap lolita thing at mbok, however much Mai may like the business!
- Experiment with more flavours of tea.
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Location of Anna House and cute stuff

One of my friends is going to Hong Kong soon, and would like to visit Anna House. Luckily, my roommate lives in Hong Kong, and so knows her way around, but neither of us can read Chinese and so cannot get the address. Does anyone have the address or approximate location of the store (I know there's a map on the website, but she's having trouble figuring it out without knowing what district/ island it's in). If any of you know and would be kind enough to share, then I could get the directions for my friend. Thanks very much in advance!

Also, today I was at Joanns and they had some very cute things in the Valentines Day section, particularly some plates, mugs, and cookie jars that look like cupcakes. I thought that they were simply adorable and that some of you might like to go take a look.
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Community advice?

Hi dolls!

I was surprised about the lack of a comm for classic lolitas, seeing that there are so many different ones, even for hime and guro and steampunk loli, which seem much less worn and way more unusual than good old classic.

I would like to start a classic community - would anyone be interested? Anyone wanting to share the mod job? Anyone who can do the design? (Because, as much as I'd like to do it, I'm horrible at webdesigns.)

It'd be nice to have a place for us classic lovers ^-^

Love and liquorice (and happy new year!),

maxicimam help please?

Hello! does anyone know if maxicimam ship to the UK? and how do I order from them? as I don't think they have an english site..

Also I'm not sure about the messurements... they don't look very clear..

if people DO know please let me know if the following dresses will fit someone of a 40 bust and a 34 waist, thanks!

1. http://www.maxicimam.com/_mam/8F1008.html
2. http://www.maxicimam.com/_mam/8G1003.html
3. http://www.maxicimam.com/_mam/8F1009.html
4. http://www.maxicimam.com/_mam/8F5003.html
5. http://www.maxicimam.com/_mam/8F1005.html

and if anyone really wants to help.. tell me which of the options is what colour! thanks x

Innocent World Winter sale and sizing question.

I was wondering if anyone is running a service for the IW winter sale. I'd completely forgotten it was coming up and I'm not exactly sure how long it lasts. ><
Also I've heard that IW's blouse sizing can vary dramatically depending on which one it is. So I was wondering if anyone already has this blouse in M: http://www.innocent-w.jp/shopping/blouse/073112/073112.htm And could tell me what the real measurements are for that size. I've looked through the memories and archives so if it's there I apologize for not seeing it. -_-
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otome VS lolita?

Hello, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and happy New Year~ I'm curious about everyone's viewpoint of this and I've typed up a brief history of both styles for discussion.

(otome VS lolita?)

*entry is linked to original post to prevent duplication

happy discussing! I'm really curious of what people would say.
&lt;3 James May &lt;3

NYRZ, Curls, and Girlz gone Wilde ;)

Going out for new years I decided to curl my hair - it stayed this way for approximatly 1 hour before the humidity and rain killed it. I'll have to do it again at a time of year when the elements are not against me.

I used a curling iron, a GHD ceramic straightening iron and tonnes of hairspary.

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