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If you should change your substyle of lolita?

Which substyle would you change to?

If I should choose another style than classic, I would choose punk. I can still wear regimental stripes, I still can wear plaids, and I can even wear more plaids. But I think a pure punk lolita wardrobe is kind of a expert move. So I would choose to combine with a gothic mainpiece or two.
I would choose these mainpieces for my hypoticical punk-goth lolita wardrobe:

Actually the item that gave me the idea, The Metal Mary serie is pretty cute.

I am sucker for souflesongs designs, and I like butterflies. look the overskirt looks like a distrested butterflywing.

I have a secret love-hate relationship with MAM. They didn't have a red tartan skirt, so I choosed a black one. Anyway the reason I choosed a skirt rather than a kilt, is because a kilt would be easily more ouji and pretty difficult to style by my opionion.
Then I need 2 two black blouses, a lot of t-shirts, a tote bag, studs and some VM rocking horses, and I would be ready to go. I think it would had been cheaper substyle for me. I do wear T-shirts on almostly daily basis.
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