December 31st, 2007

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link me?

Please forgive me, I've looked everywhere:

Can anyone link me to the tutorial on turning your black shoes white (changing the color of shoes). Called shoe painting? I can't find it anywhere and it told you how to permanently make black shoes white and they looked really good. I saw it a really long time ago and I can't remember where I found it and I can't find it again. Please help? D:



Loli Shoez for Cheap?

Good morning. I'm a n00b currently dabbling in the loli style for my boyfriend's cosplay outfit totally not hardcore here. That being said, I believe I have located some reasonably priced loli-able shoes at this store called "Electric Boutique" (which is in Dallas, TX). Mostly platform Mary Janes around the 30 dollar range, though they do have canvas Mary Janes for like 6 bucks a pop.


They ship internationally and all that fanciness. I was wondering if anyone has purchased from them and what the quality of the shoes are like.


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I pre-ordered this Mary Magdelene coat back in September, and today it finally arrived! I thought I would write a brief review of it for you because I know how nerve-wracking it is blowing that much cash when you have no first-hand account of the quality.

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Lolita related memories of 2007

We have a resolutions thread so why not a memories thread? What are the best things that happened to you in '07?

Let's share!

Here's mine

- Realizing that tokyosheart actually lives a block away from me.
- Meeting the many lolita friends I have now (I love you guys, you know that?)
- Getting my first brand items
- Going to many meet ups
- Actually building my wardrobe

Question for those who bought Special Set

Have any of you had an issue with the zipper on your special set jumper? At first I could only get the zipper to come down to the button for the ties in the back. Then I was able to get the zipper down but then I had problems getting the zipper to go back up. Has anyone else had this problem? I know most of us have just gotten them but does the zipper get smoother traction with additional use?