December 30th, 2007

Hong Kong lolita store Dracula hours

Hey everyone. Just a very quick question. I'll be in Hong Kong until the third of January and want to take a look at the lolita store Dracula located in Mong Kok. I found its address in a previous entry here and have actually went to the store twice already, but it was closed both times I was there. I was wondering if anybody knows the store's hours? The last time I was there it was around 4 in the afternoon and it was still closed. The CTMA Center says it's open from 3 - 10pm, but it seems like individual shops in the center pretty much opens on its own time. I'd be grateful if anyone can let me know around what times the store is open. I really want to at least look at what they have before I leave. Thanks!


I was skimming through TIME magazine because -le gasp!- 19 year old girl likes to read those things, and I soon came across a Top Ten list of Top Ten lists of the year. I looked at all the subcategories, and the fashion caught my eye, not for what jeans I want, but a specific type of pump, reminiscent of those worn years ago.
As if destined, my mom calls, wanting to go to Payless, to their clearance sales, and I says, "Sure, maybe I'll find my shoes there."
I wasn't expecting it, but Fioni, oh darling Fioni, has that shoe. On sale!!
Hellz yesh~!!

Herer is a link to that same shoe, but now that I have it, I'm thinking...What kind of lolita can I match this up with? Any ideas?

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Hello ladies!

I'm new to egl, and I just bought my 1st dress online last week. It'll be here soon, and then I'll post pics.

I've got a question about shoes. I've been looking all over the place online for cute mary janes and such, but I can't find any. There were cute shoes on ebay I saw, but they're pretty expensive. Where did you guys find your shoes?


Tesh-chan : )

Ps. Forgive me if this question's been asked before. o.o;
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Meta ordering

I don't know if anyone on here can answer this, but I figured I'd give it a shot-
I made my first order from Meta on Saturday, and then got an e-mail about it (I had paid as well) and it said that the English orders would be closed until the 7th. However, the item I bought only had one in stock, and I went back and checked and now it's sold out, but does that mean it reserved it for my order even though they're not processing orders right now? I'm just wondering because I've already paid through paypal so I'm hoping it's reserved.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Anyone else like Mana?

Sometimes I get the vibe here that it's some sort of sin to like Mana, his style, his clothing line, or his music. In the past (been here since... August) I've seen several posts that either jest or poke fun at him.

And I actually happen to like him. I don't think he's god, and ever since I started liking lolita 2 years ago I've been aware that he did not create the style. But I happen to think he's really good looking in lolita or aristo, I like MMM (even though I don't own any), and I liked the few interviews with him that I've read. (I can't say anything about his music, I haven't really heard enough of it.)

So, I'm just posting this to ask who else likes Mana?
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For Christmas to my utter joy, I received a new AP dress from my husband~!  I've been dying to find the chance to wear it out since i opened it, and finally found a decent break in the wet weather to do just that. I thought I would share some pictures of the dress up day with everyone~ ^__^

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Eeee, okay, I hate to be a bother, but... I really need some help! [and where else to get the best help, eh!]

On the 8th of January I have to hand in a paper [6-10 pages] and I chose to write about EGL. As in, the style.
Obviously I had to put some anthropologist-type questions in there. [It's for my anthropology exam.]
My questions were something along the lines of "where does it come from? who 'take part' in it? typical things? art?" etc.

Basically, I'm looking for articles and books for research-like information that I can use. I want to write an informative and mostly objective paper.

So, if you know of any articles and books or maybe if you have written anything yourself, can you help me out? If you don't want to let me read anything you/someone else have/has written, maybe you could only give me the bibliography?

I know I'm suuuuperlate but I'm in the middle of moving and I only decided I wanted to do it on lolita on the VERY last minute and I couldn't find anything about it in the local library..

So yeah, probably a long shot but thanks anyway!
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LaForet luckypacks...

Just a quick question, is anyone else going to LaForet for luckypacks? I'm really wanting a Maxicimam one, and I was going to go there super-early and just wait, but of-course if I'm by myself I won't have anyone to wait with so if I need to go anywhere...

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Any interest? Sorry if this post seems random - I'll delete it after the 1st if you like ^^;


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