December 29th, 2007


Anna House questions..

Yep.. it's me again. I promise to try and make this my last entry for a little while ^^;;

Either way, due to some suggestions and good reviews on Anna House, I decided to most likely switch from F+F and order from there. My fist question is: When they said you can "bespoke another" does that mean you can change the color of the fabric compared to the lace? (Like, change a full white blouse into a black fabric and white lace blouse).

Question two: Would this skirt and top make a cute match? (If the top was changed to black with white lace?)

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Thank you <3

(Also, shoe suggestions for the outfit would be nice if it is a good combo ♥)
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Lolita Faux pas?

I designed a little dress a while ago but I wasn't sure about how well it would be accepted by the lolita community.

You see, I find marvelous fun in taking characters or objects and turning them into lolita inspired outfits.

A while back (as some may remember) there were two girls that made Disney Princess lolita costumes and they weren't recieved well.

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Lolita dress design [Edited again]

It's only a roughdraft, and I did it on a tablet. Well, just tell me what you think about it.
I am going to post the accessories, and things next. I'm having difficulties trying to make the area bigger.

Sill editing it, please keep that in mind. 
Okay I edited it for the third time. x.x
It is still like crap, but I'm trying. 

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Oh Wa! :'(

Haha tiny pun. Other then the pictures I've seen from the AP release and the few in the gosu rori are there any good examples of the Wa lolita style with an actual kimono (being worn)? All ljseek is showing it the kimono style dresses.

And I've been going through this post:

Forgot to mention about the Meta and BTSSB ones
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Squee inducing finds/wins/acqusitions

So today I completely Scored on egl sales. Puppet circus in the color I wanted most. I've been giggling for hours now at random and creeping my cats out. After a year struggling with a dead end job and having no cash to spend on wish list items, getting this was perfectly timed with my severance check! and a new job that's paying the bills and than some.

So what's Your big item that you never dreamed you'd get but through pain and suffering you magically managed to score?

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Hello lolis !
I went to the Baby shop in Paris a while ago in October, but I figured out the prices are so much higher than the orginal prices on the babysite , I saw a jacket that costed like 150 euros (220 dollars) more than the orginal price ! can anyone explain me why  these prices so much higher ?!
Oh and btw I'm new here x)

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