December 28th, 2007

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Oh great, another Ohayocon post.

Theres been a couple posts about ohayocon, and theres been a couple of people who said they were going ... Now the question is: Does anyone want to try to have a meet-up ?

There's a lolita event on saturday, but someone confirmed my fears that its pretty lame ... Now, thats the main reason I was going to the con, and I don't want to completely waste my time and money going up there. So, anyone interested ?

I'd like to try to organize a specific time and place, so if anyone knows when they can (or can't) attend, please let me know.
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Bank transfers

(Disclaimer: Have used search. I'm very sorry to bother you all with my question!)

I've recently tried to buy CDN $400-worth of Anna House goods, using the remittance (bank transfer) option of paying. However, I don't have any real way of knowing when they've received it, or how long it ought to take.

Any help, please?

Where to buy?

 Hi there , 

Is anybody know if there's a place to buy lolita clothes ( maybe brand ) in Thailand?

my parents are going in thailand in 2 weeks !
i was wondering if they could find clothes for me there! 

Thank you very much! ^-^


Galena Meetup

Just as an update, I checked with the owner of The Ryan Mansion. Both that inn and her original project the Annie Wiggins Inn are available for Memorial Day weekend.

Once again the trip would consist of a three-night stay from Friday, May 23, 2008 to Monday, May 26, 2008 in Galena, IL which is about four hours northwest from Chicago near the Illinois/Wisconsin border.

If we use both inns we can accomodate up to 26 people. The Ryan Mansion can hold 12 and the Annie Wiggins can hold 14. The two inns are a short drive/pleasant walk from one another but May should be warm so this won't be an issue.

Currently I've calculated the following prices per person with double occupancy rooms:
Annie Wiggins: $303 (room without tub) $328 (room with tub)
Ryan Mansion: $287 (normal room) $312 (master suite and Garden cottage)

Right now I'd like to gauge interest in this event. Depending on the answers I get I will book the Ryan Mansion for twelve or book both inns in their entirety.

Please keep in mind that for this event, money will be due IMMEDIATELY because the owner prefers to collect the sum right away. (Which is preferable to me as a meeting planner, to be honest).

I will most likely make the reservation in late February, depending on what the owner tells me of the likelihood of the inns being booked up.

Please comment if you will seriously be able to make this event. If wishes were fishes we'd never go hungry, but right now I need to know how many people can actually foresee having the cash and time off to do it.
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Christmas money brings fabric, so here's my latest creation/s.

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EDIT - I've decided that I'm going to change the lace for the ones I'll be selling!

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EDITEDIT - I'm posting on the sales comm tonight with a few custom slots for this design, so if you want one yourself head over there soon ^_^
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Limited Edition Gothic Lolita whaaat?

I know Tarina Tarntino is popular with a lot of lolitas (hell, I like her but can't afford it) but I was surprised to see this, I can't remember if it's been posted yet byut..

Limited edition Gothic Lolita Mini Top Hats??

They look interesting, but like a complete disaster to coordinate with.

e: also i just notice that there are a number of items specifically labeled 'lolita' and 'gothic lolita', which surprised me. Some are kind of cool though. It's too bad I think skulls are ugly because most of the black ones have skulls.
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Lolita day! Jill and Kristin! <3 <3

We had a really nice all-lolita day today! I woke up around 2:30pm, realized that Jill was probably ready to go out. So I drove fast over to her house in my PJs, picked her up, and I started getting ready for our lolita day! First we went to get boba (we had nummy lobster balls, too!). Then we decided to get some REAL food. :3
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