December 28th, 2007

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Oh great, another Ohayocon post.

Theres been a couple posts about ohayocon, and theres been a couple of people who said they were going ... Now the question is: Does anyone want to try to have a meet-up ?

There's a lolita event on saturday, but someone confirmed my fears that its pretty lame ... Now, thats the main reason I was going to the con, and I don't want to completely waste my time and money going up there. So, anyone interested ?

I'd like to try to organize a specific time and place, so if anyone knows when they can (or can't) attend, please let me know.
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Bank transfers

(Disclaimer: Have used search. I'm very sorry to bother you all with my question!)

I've recently tried to buy CDN $400-worth of Anna House goods, using the remittance (bank transfer) option of paying. However, I don't have any real way of knowing when they've received it, or how long it ought to take.

Any help, please?

Where to buy?

 Hi there , 

Is anybody know if there's a place to buy lolita clothes ( maybe brand ) in Thailand?

my parents are going in thailand in 2 weeks !
i was wondering if they could find clothes for me there! 

Thank you very much! ^-^

By me!


Christmas money brings fabric, so here's my latest creation/s.

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EDIT - I've decided that I'm going to change the lace for the ones I'll be selling!

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EDITEDIT - I'm posting on the sales comm tonight with a few custom slots for this design, so if you want one yourself head over there soon ^_^
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Limited Edition Gothic Lolita whaaat?

I know Tarina Tarntino is popular with a lot of lolitas (hell, I like her but can't afford it) but I was surprised to see this, I can't remember if it's been posted yet byut..

Limited edition Gothic Lolita Mini Top Hats??

They look interesting, but like a complete disaster to coordinate with.

e: also i just notice that there are a number of items specifically labeled 'lolita' and 'gothic lolita', which surprised me. Some are kind of cool though. It's too bad I think skulls are ugly because most of the black ones have skulls.
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Lolita day! Jill and Kristin! <3 <3

We had a really nice all-lolita day today! I woke up around 2:30pm, realized that Jill was probably ready to go out. So I drove fast over to her house in my PJs, picked her up, and I started getting ready for our lolita day! First we went to get boba (we had nummy lobster balls, too!). Then we decided to get some REAL food. :3
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