December 27th, 2007

Headdress help

Sorry if this has been posted before, but I looked through the memories and didn't find any thing.
I need a tutorial or GLB pattern for making an Alice bow. Like BTSSB or Angelic Pretty bow, Big and Frilly.
I know there was an A+Lidel one in one of the Issues.
Thank you!
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Innocent World JSK sizing question

Hello dear EGL,

I hate coming up with post like stock photo request or sizing questions, but I really need a bit help now.
I adore some of  IW's JSK and I have them on my wishlist for a long time now. And from time to time I see one of them on Yahoo Japan, I just don't buy them, because I am unsure of the sizing!
The official measurements are about 90cm bust, but I also see that they have a lot of shirring in the back. And because I know that Meta makes a lot of errors with their measurements, I am not sure whether to trust IW or not. I have some JSKs from different Brands with an equal amount of shirring and they fit. But I have no experience with Innocent World. So if you know something about the following JSKs you would help me a lot! :3 

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Questions about orders to F+F and Anna House

Hi all,

I'm thinking of making some orders to both F+F and Anna House in the near future, but was hoping for some small pieces of advice from members of this community.

Firstly, I hear that F+F's quality is not always so good for the smaller sizes. I'm small enough that I'll have to get my stuff custom-made smaller than their small, so do you think this will be a problem for the quality? Also, have they had any problems with mass orders that have a variety of different custom sizings?

The Anna House question is pretty much the second F+F question again -- I heard some stories about Anna House not being able to manage multiple bespoke sizings in one order without muddling up. Has anyone had this experience -- and conversely, has anyone ordered multiple different bespoke sizings and not had this problem?

Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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