December 27th, 2007

Headdress help

Sorry if this has been posted before, but I looked through the memories and didn't find any thing.
I need a tutorial or GLB pattern for making an Alice bow. Like BTSSB or Angelic Pretty bow, Big and Frilly.
I know there was an A+Lidel one in one of the Issues.
Thank you!
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Innocent World JSK sizing question

Hello dear EGL,

I hate coming up with post like stock photo request or sizing questions, but I really need a bit help now.
I adore some of  IW's JSK and I have them on my wishlist for a long time now. And from time to time I see one of them on Yahoo Japan, I just don't buy them, because I am unsure of the sizing!
The official measurements are about 90cm bust, but I also see that they have a lot of shirring in the back. And because I know that Meta makes a lot of errors with their measurements, I am not sure whether to trust IW or not. I have some JSKs from different Brands with an equal amount of shirring and they fit. But I have no experience with Innocent World. So if you know something about the following JSKs you would help me a lot! :3 

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Galena Getaway: Day Two, Victorian Romance Tea, TONS OF PICTURES

Apologies ahead of time for the picture dump. So many were really lovely, and I wanted to get everyone in that had nice pictures so that they could enjoy the memories as well. I'm sorry if anyone has only a few pictures, I'm just posting what I've been given. Please share your pictures with me if you have any! Also I'm going to be a dork and type everyone as Miss/Mrs/Mr so-and-so because it takes time to do LJ names. :p

The second day was the real "meat" of the getaway. After a somewhat mediocre breakfast, many people headed into the downtown portion of Galena to do some shopping. Galena has tons of quaint little shops, many of which are set up inside of buildings that were formerly townhouses. The result is very charming since each store looks a little more homey than the usual downtown boutique. Galena's downtown is characterized by the large number of specialty stores available to shoppers. Areas of specialization included: cheese, wine, embroidery, crafts, tobacco, toys, spices, chocolates, and amusingly enough one devoted entirely to garlic. My personal favorite was an antiquarian bookstore which had an AMAZING selection of old books, documents, and photographs.

Since Galena gets a lot of business during the Christmas season the town really went all out on decorations. The best part was that several brass ensembles were circulating around time playing Christmas carols for the shoppers.

The photos below are actually from Sunday when we stopped in town for a second round of shopping, but it will give you an idea of what everything was like. Thanks to danaeaphreal and tian_shi for use of the photos!

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After the shopping we all went to have afternoon tea at the Ryan Mansion. I've had afternoon tea at various hotels and tea houses before so I was expecting something comparable to that. So I can't even begin to describe this occasion.




When we arrived at the mansion THE BUTLER OF THE MANSION GREETED US. He butlered our coats and then explained the setup of the afternoon ahead of us. First we would take tea and refreshments, followed by a tour of the house, and then some light conversation with more refreshments. He described the history of the house to us. It was built in 1876 by James Ryan who had become a millionaire in the Civil War selling canned pork to the Army. Back in the day this basically meant he was almost a billionaire, and he built a three story mansion atop a small hill to let everyone know about it. Galena actually has quite a few mansions since the wealthy in Illinois kept country estates there or eschewed Chicago entirely, but this is one of the largest.

The owner of the mansion, Miss Annie Wiggins, came in to greet us dressed in a lovely gown reconstructed to exacting 1860s standards. She explained to us that she'd always wanted to live during the Industrial/Civil War period (the US equivalent of the Victorian Age) and that using funds from her first bed and breakfast The Annie Wiggins B&B she was able to purchase the Ryan Mansion. Her goal is to make the mansion a COMPLETE historical recreation with a full time domestic staff that will live and take of the home just as if they were still living in the 1860s. (She is currently looking for housemaids, btw.)

This is about when the squealing started. Actually I can't remember exactly when it started. Probably when the butler butlered us XD

After taking some refreshments (which were amazing and yummy), we went on a tour of the home. Everything was lovely and many delightful touches had been added for authenticity such as the hall privy, and the decor throughout. We were introduced to the cook who explained how he actually prepares his cuisine by recreating Victorian methods, including the time-consuming tasks such as churning fresh butter.

So many wonderful things happened that day that it is really hard to describe it all. Everyone was so happy in our group, especially because we got the chance to meet other adults who believed in preserving at least one aspect of their life for dreams and hopes. The staff and Miss Wiggins were also really pleased with our group because they don't get very many young people who are interested in anachronisms. Mostly crabby old ladies XD XD

After the tour we repaired to the parlor for more tea and a mini-concert by Miss Curiosity.

Did I mention they have a ballroom? They have a ballroom.

Enough chatter! On to the pictures!

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Please check out the link I posted to the Ryan Mansion for pictures of the interior. The Annie Wiggins in is also gorgeous so look there as well. This is important. Because I will be using both of these locations to host a grand meetup over Memorial Day weekend.

After the tea we went for dinner at the Arcadia Oyster Bar. The food was pretty decent, I don't expect miracles from a small tourist town. After that we came back to the B&B and had conversation late into the night in the parlor.

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Questions about orders to F+F and Anna House

Hi all,

I'm thinking of making some orders to both F+F and Anna House in the near future, but was hoping for some small pieces of advice from members of this community.

Firstly, I hear that F+F's quality is not always so good for the smaller sizes. I'm small enough that I'll have to get my stuff custom-made smaller than their small, so do you think this will be a problem for the quality? Also, have they had any problems with mass orders that have a variety of different custom sizings?

The Anna House question is pretty much the second F+F question again -- I heard some stories about Anna House not being able to manage multiple bespoke sizings in one order without muddling up. Has anyone had this experience -- and conversely, has anyone ordered multiple different bespoke sizings and not had this problem?

Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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