December 26th, 2007


Galena Meetup Report Part I

There aren't as many pictures from this Lolita-up as one might expect because we were running around and having so much fun! So most of the best pictures (in my opinion) are from the second day when we went to tea. There are also fewer pictures from the first day because Galena, IL is quite far away and most of us came at staggered times, including myself much to my shame.

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That said, on to the pictures and report!

On the first day I got woefully turned around and lost in Central Illinois. After the kind directions of a fellow traveler we got back on track and arrived lateish at the B&B. Surprisingly we weren't the last to arrive. The only thing on schedule for that night was a visit to the local Irish pub. We missed the Irish dancing but a good time was had by all since you can't go wrong with hearty pub food and martinis!

I am using pictures taken by the talented danaeaphreal and also some from tian_shi with permission. Please feel free to add your own pictures from the meetup if you have any!

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Most of these are candids and all the "atmosphere" pictures I took of the mansion are blurry because I was running around squealing over how old-fashioned and neat everything was. So you'll have to take my word and that of everyone else who attended that this really was a gorgeous mansion, staff problems aside. But there are some AMAZING afternoon tea/in town pictures, so please look forward to it!


First Lolita Dress?

I think I've finally chose my very first Lolita dress. I've been into the fashion for almost 2 years now, though I'm no expert. I use to know so much of the fashion but work and other stress over the last 6 months have prevent me from visiting here like I use to. (But my love and passion for the fashion was revived when a Lolita shopped where I work one day).

Either way, I'm sure no one truly cared to know all that. haha. I'm hoping someone, or a few people, can help me out? The first dress I want to get (or plan to get) in Januray is this one: Click Here. I'm going to be wearing black tights but I'm not sure what shoes. I want to get a new pair (since I doubt the two wedged heels I have now would suit it). The pair I was considering were these: Click Here.

Do you think those would be good (with or w/out the rose)? or should I keep looking? Also, what would be appropriate headwear? *feels silly for asking that* (Any suggestions would be great.. I've become rusty on what goes good with what. I'm sorry ^^;).

Take care. And Thank You <3

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Hello there EGL! Hope everyone had Merry Merry Christmas!!

Anywho, I hope to be getting a new sewing machine tomorrow or friday, and when I do I'll have plenty of fabric to sew with, but I'm a little bit lost on what to sew. I'm still teaching myself to sew so I can't make elaborate things but I can do skirts and other things.
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