December 26th, 2007


First Lolita Dress?

I think I've finally chose my very first Lolita dress. I've been into the fashion for almost 2 years now, though I'm no expert. I use to know so much of the fashion but work and other stress over the last 6 months have prevent me from visiting here like I use to. (But my love and passion for the fashion was revived when a Lolita shopped where I work one day).

Either way, I'm sure no one truly cared to know all that. haha. I'm hoping someone, or a few people, can help me out? The first dress I want to get (or plan to get) in Januray is this one: Click Here. I'm going to be wearing black tights but I'm not sure what shoes. I want to get a new pair (since I doubt the two wedged heels I have now would suit it). The pair I was considering were these: Click Here.

Do you think those would be good (with or w/out the rose)? or should I keep looking? Also, what would be appropriate headwear? *feels silly for asking that* (Any suggestions would be great.. I've become rusty on what goes good with what. I'm sorry ^^;).

Take care. And Thank You <3

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Hello there EGL! Hope everyone had Merry Merry Christmas!!

Anywho, I hope to be getting a new sewing machine tomorrow or friday, and when I do I'll have plenty of fabric to sew with, but I'm a little bit lost on what to sew. I'm still teaching myself to sew so I can't make elaborate things but I can do skirts and other things.
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