December 25th, 2007


MMM size question

I'm wondering for people who have the MMM Iron Gate print, what is the size like? Because they only list bust sizes on their website, I'm not sure what to expect for the waist. If people could post the sizes of their MMM jsk's or OP's I would much appreciate.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Mandatory Christmas Pic Post

Happy Holidays everyone! My camera sucks, but I managed to take a few pics of the outfit I got. I dunno if Halloween counted, but here's my second attempt at lolita.
Unfortunately, my Anna House and AP stuff didn't come in time, so here's the one outfit I did put together.

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Fanplusfriend Order Status Question

Hi all,

I tried the search function already but couldn't come up with anything so here I am.

I ordered some stuff from Fanplusfriend (standard sized) at the very beginning of December and paid immediately and sent out an e-mail after payment as they say on their info pages.
The order status page still says "Ordered" and TOTAL DUE also  doesn't idicate that it has been paid. Is that normal or can you usally see when the order is paid for / being worked on / finished / shipped?

I e-mailed f+f about it already and all I got back was:

HI, Thanks for your contacting, your order is on making now, and can be shipped within several days.

Um okay didn't answer my question regarding the status page but whatever, sounds like good news.

Fingers crossed the parcel doesn't arrive when I am on holiday (second week of January).

EDIT: I just noticed the top was a made-to-order item. Doh!
Also the skirt may have become a made to order because I asked for a different colour (please let them not send me  a PINK one anyway!)

questions, questions

I have noticed with diadems [?] that they just CURSE with glasses, leading to headaches and behind-the-ear-dimples in flesh.
though I want to order a headbow by btssb and I want to know if that is the case.

are the headbands used by baby glassesloli-friendly?

thank you ladies and have a merry what's-left-of-christmas (:
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Lolita shoes

Hello everyone.

I am thinking about buying myself a new pair of rockinghorse shoes right now, but its got me thinking about the different brands and what materials they make their shoes out of.

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New Christmas look

It's christmas and I got myself a new look.
I dyed my hair from dark chocolate brown to light brown with a red tint and my new handmade dress by Hollow_Moon was finaly done.
I also placed curls in my hair and made it hime-style.
(I allready had the hime-cut itself for more then a half year lol)
Don't mind my make-up I had no time to finish it and because of this my eyes look really weird lolol

anywa what do you think??

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